You're never too old to go from flab to fab

You're never too old to go from flab to fab
Saturday, Mar 03, 2012
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According to studies by the World Bank, the live expectancy of Singaporeans has gone up from about 66 years in 1960, to about 82 years in 2009.

With the advance in medical technology, it's likely that each generation will be able to live longer than the next. That is great news.

However, is it? Living a longer life may not be that great if you can live to be a hundred and ten years old but can't walk, are in constant chronic pain, can't take care of yourself, and even need a machine to help you breathe and go to the toilet.

The issue in question is not in the length of life, but rather, quality of life.

And for those who think it's too late to rid yourself of that pot belly and terrible living habits, there is a living example that you can, if fact, teach an old dog new tricks.

72-year-old Dr Jeffrey Life shot to fame when pictures of him with a rippling, body-builder physique emerged in the media, a strangely juxtaposing sight in contrast to his balding white head and wrinkled face.

Readers were amazed at what they called the man with "the 70-year-old head but the 20-year-old body-builder body."

What's more amazing is that he reportedly transformed his fat to muscle over a period of just 12 weeks. 

69-year-old goes from flab to fab in 12 weeks

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