Woman has 10 surgeries to look like anime girl

Woman has 10 surgeries to look like anime girl
Thursday, Feb 02, 2012
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By Jessica

A disastrous start

She first had Vaser Lipo (a procedure like liposuction, but gentler) in February 2010.

She paid $10,000 to have it done by a local general practitioner she found online.

She was put under twilight anaesthesia – a type of anaesthesic that sedates you but doesn’t knock you out – which made the experience unnerving.

“I could hear the doctor and nurses speaking and feel tubes being inserted into my body. I didn’t feel any pain but it was frightening,” she recalls.

She asked the doctor to turn on soothing music to calm her down and kept repeating to herself: “I’m going to be skinny soon." But that didn’t happen.

After the procedure, “I had bruises and lumps all over my bod like I had been beaten up,” she says.

For three months, she waited for her body to heal and couldn’t do much except to lie in bed.

Bored, she kept herself busy by surfing the Internet, reading and listening to music. Thankfully, she could work from home.

The bruises went away, but there were “dents” and “zigzag lines” on her arms, legs an buttocks because, she claims “the doctor didn’t remove the fat evenly”.

“I looked like a freak," she recalls.

She also ballooned to 58kg despite eating normally.

She went back to the doctor and demanded he re-do the procedure for free. He did, but it didn’t help. The “dents” reappeared.

Frustrated, she looked elsewhere for a solution. Going online, she stumbled across a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure called Velashape, in which a machine is used to pull on your skin to reshape your body.

According to Jacqueline, it feels like a warm deep tissue massage. She flew to Bangkok alone to have the procedure done at Yanhee Hospital there because it cost only US$300 (S$385) per session. Local doctors were charging $1,600.

After three sessions, she said the lumps on her body smoothened out.

At the same time, she went on a detox diet, “drinking only fresh fruit juice for five days and eating only breakfast for nine days”. She also exercised. Her weight dropped to 45kg and she has maintained it ever since.

Jacqueline's journey of change

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