Woman confesses to being addicted to drinking own urine

Woman confesses to being addicted to drinking own urine
Tuesday, Aug 28, 2012
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Packed full of toxins

Carrie doesn't just drink pee because she loves the taste. Her addiction began two years after being diagnosed with skin cancer in January 2004.

She was diagnosed with Stage 3 malignant melanoma, and had 16 lymph nodes surgically removed. Doctors found cancer in three of her lymph nodes, and told her that even with chemotherapy, she would only have a year left to live.

Carrie decided against chemotherapy, and took the radical decision to instead try out urine therapy - an age-old but widely discounted practice of using urine in several ways to prevent or cure sickness, enhance beauty, or cleanse one's bowels.

"The first time I drank my urine, I didn't throw up, and it wasn't horrible. So I thought, you know what, I can do this," she said. At first it was just a cup in the morning. Soon, she progressed to drinking four cups a day, or two litres.

Today, she is convinced that the cancer is in remission and that urine therapy cured her. However, Carrie has not seen a doctor in six years to prove that the cancer is indeed in remission.

Carrie has also never consulted a physician about her unorthodox therapy, preferring to rely on the Internet as a source of information.

Some practitioners believe that urine has anti-cancer properties as urine contains tumor proteins. It is hypothised that by introducing urine into the body, he body will begin making antibodies against the cancer antigens to try to destroy the cancer, according to an article published in Medical Hypotheses.

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