Unable to find help in China, woman finds S'pore saviours for cancer-hit child

Unable to find help in China, woman finds S'pore saviours for cancer-hit child
Tuesday, Feb 11, 2014
The New Paper
By Foo Jie Ying

SINGAPORE - Hope that her son would live was slowly fading.

At one point last year, she was so desperate that she went down on her knees and begged doctors in China: Please save my only son. He's all I've got.

They said they could not as they did not have the expertise to remove the tumour that was growing in her son's belly. That was the lowest point in her life.

Back then, housewife Lin Xiang Yin could only wish that her son would be around for Chinese New Year.

But this year, thanks to doctors at Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre, that wish came true.

The events that would rock Madam Lin's life began in March last year. She noticed her toddler, Jun Hao, was vomiting frequently.

She initially thought it was just indigestion until his stomach began swelling up. A hospital check-up revealed that he was suffering from neuroblastoma. But the doctors refused to operate.

"They didn't want to take the risk and kill my son while trying to remove the tumour," said Madam Lin, 30.

The housewife and her husband, 34, visited hospitals in different cities in China to seek help.

"We even went to Shenzhen and Shanghai, but the doctors either said they were not confident or didn't want to take the risk," she said. But Madam Lin was persistent.

S'pore docs save toddler after China hospitals say they can't treat him

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(Photos: Lianhe Wanbao, TNP)

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