Top 10 quick-fix solutions to looking good this festive season

Top 10 quick-fix solutions to looking good this festive season
Wednesday, Dec 11, 2013
Urban, The Straits Times

SINGAPORE - Christmas and the New Year is coming up soon and it's understandable that everyone wants to look their best for the holidays.

There are parties to go to and new people to meet - who knows, you might meet that special someone under the mistletoe. However, despite your fervent wishes, your skin and waistline might not agree.

It's well known that the stress leading up to a big event and the unhealthy lifestyle of partying, drinking and feasting that accompanies it isn't the best combination for maintaining beauty.

URBAN road-tests new aesthetic and pampering treatments that will get you party-ready for the festive season, depending on how much time you have:


Exillis facelift
For more defined features

WHERE: Prive Aesthetics, 03-02 Palais Renaissance
PRICE: $600 per session
WHAT: The straightforward 60-minute treatment uses ultrasound and radio frequency waves to destroy fat cells and tighten skin.

TREATMENT: After applying a layer of gel on my face, the therapist stroked my face with a probe - heated to a comfortable 42 deg C - to contour my face. I liked how she paid special attention to balancing the two sides of my face, as they are not exactly symmetrical.

RESULTS: Immediately afterwards, my skin looked brighter and my features, such as the brows and corners of my mouth, looked a little lifted. My face also looked slightly slimmer.

The results lasted for about two weeks.

For best results, four sessions at two-week intervals are recommended.

There is no downtime. Your skin might be a little drier than usual for a day due to the heat applied to it during the treatment, so use a hydrating mask at night.

Reviewed by Gladys Chung

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