Top 10 professions with worst sleep quality

Top 10 professions with worst sleep quality
Sunday, Mar 23, 2014
China Daily/Asia News Network

SINGAPORE - Everyone wants good quality sleep. However, some find it difficult to give their body clock a proper rest due to the nature of their occupation.

Chinese Medical Doctor Association, which launched the 2014 China Sleep Quality Index research report on March 16, shows that, in general, the sleep quality of Chinese residents is good and is getting better, although 30 per cent of residents' sleep quality still falls short of the ideal benchmark.

The association studied the sleep quality of people from all walks of life and revealed that media workers top the list of 10 employees who find it most difficult to get good quality sleep.

Here's a look at 10 professions where workers find it most difficult to get proper sleep, according to 2014 China Sleep Quality Index:

10 jobs with employees who get worst sleep

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