There is sufficient stock of N95 masks: Health Ministry

There is sufficient stock of N95 masks: Health Ministry
Thursday, Jun 20, 2013
The Straits Times
By Andrea Ong

SINGAPORE - Nationally, Singapore has close to 9 million N95 masks in its armoury, said director of medical services K. Satku at a joint briefing by MOH and the National Environment Agency on Thursday evening.

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MOH said on its Facebook page:

Minimise exposure by reducing outdoor activities and physical exertion.

Use N95 masks as appropriate, depending on (i) health status, (ii) PSI level, (iii) physical exertion and (iv) amount of time spent outdoors.

There is sufficient stock of N95 masks nationally to meet anticipated needs. N95 masks should be bought only when needed, there is no need to stockpile.

There is no clear surge in polyclinic and A&E attendances yet. However, our hospitals and polyclinics are on alert and ready. Additional bed capacity and manpower are ready for deployment when needed.

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