Suicidal after abuse by boyfriend

Suicidal after abuse by boyfriend
Sunday, Sep 09, 2012
By Shaffiq Alkhatib

More frequent

She added: "I first saw a psychiatrist in 2009, but I didn't tell him my full story as I was in too much pain. I then stopped looking for help because he told me nothing was wrong and I wanted to believe him.

"But I guess he told me so as I was holding back vital information about what I went through."

But her suicidal thoughts became more frequent last year and so she decided to seek help again from the psychiatrist to cope with what she was feeling.

"I was losing sleep and could not stop throwing up after food. I was later diagnosed with clinical depression."

Sue was given medication and she told her family members about her condition. They immediately stepped in to help her.

She said that she is now recovering and even though such thoughts still come to her occasionally, she feels that they will pass.

"I have strong support from my friends and family. I would say I am in a better place now.

"Strong family ties are really important when a person has suicidal thoughts."

5 common myths about suicide

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