S. Korean model-actress Clara reveals her body fat percentage on Twitter

Thursday, Nov 14, 2013

Sexy model Clara visited a fitness centre after taking almost a week's break from exercising.

She tweeted, 'I am checking my body fat percentage and muscles mass weight'.

"This is so nerve-racking. I have been busy and haven't trained for a week".

"What's the result?" She was happy her body fat percentage dropped to 17 per cent, reports K-popinsider.

But the report recommended weight training to increase muscle mass to 25.5kg from 22.3kg currently measured.

Clara was in a tight legging and tank-top exercise bra looking fabulous as usual.

Clara Lee, better known by her pseudonym Clara, is a Swiss-born Korean-British actress and model.

In May 2013, Clara became an online overnight sensation after throwing a ceremonial first pitch in a professional baseball game dressed in form-fitting leggings, and has since been hailed as an up-and-coming star and sex symbol.

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Clara shows off jaw-dropping gym body

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