Relief after $180,000 bill worry

Relief after $180,000 bill worry
Monday, Aug 27, 2012
The New Paper
By Benson Ang

Ministry in touch with family

MOH understands the concerns faced by Madam Lim and her family, and has been in touch with them, the spokesman said.

When contacted, Madam Lim declined comment.

Dr Lam Pin Min, chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Health, told The New Paper that he was glad to know that MOH has exercised flexibility according to the special circumstance in this particular case.

"I do understand the anxiety caused in cases where hospitalisation bills can be hefty and the helplessness in relieving the financial burden although there are significant amounts in the Medisave accounts," he said.

"The restriction on the use of Medisave needs to be reviewed regularly to commensurate with the medical needs of Singaporeans.

"However, we need to exercise caution as a too rapid liberalisation may result in premature depletion of members' Medisave savings," he said.

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