Only son wants to marry girlfriend, then go for sex change

Only son wants to marry girlfriend, then go for sex change
Tuesday, Sep 17, 2013
The New Paper

SINGAPORE - Though Lyn intends to go for her sex reassignment surgery next year, she also wants to marry her girlfriend of eight years.

They've been together for eight years and met during secondary school, says the 23-year-old, who requests that we call her a she even if she has not legally changed her sex yet.

The couple intend to get a flat after registering their marriage.

Says Lyn (not her real name), a diploma holder who's looking for a job: "I think we will have a good life together. We had instant chemistry.

"Of course, like any other couple, we've had fights, but we've managed to pull through all these years."

Linda (not her real name), 20, who works as an administrative assistant, says: "Marriage is a reward for being together all these years."

They confess they haven't quite thought through what legal implications the sex reassignment will have on their marriage.

Through the years, Linda's been protective of Lyn.

"She has no qualms marching up to people making fun of me, and she tells them to mind their own business. I often try to stop her, so there's no trouble," says the well-spoken Lyn, who sports a shaggy fringe.

Her thin frame means she can pass off as an androgynous tomboy.

Linda says: "Since I am straight, I can stand up to these people. Lyn's self-confidence is shaky, and I won't let them hurt her."

Lyn says she has struggled to find acceptance from her parents.

The only child lives with them and Linda in an executive mansionette flat in Jurong.

Lyn was born male and likes females. But she also wants to be female.

She says: "It's true that my life would be easier if I stayed a man.

"But I won't be true to myself.

"I feel female inside."

"I did not fit in anywhere and I was alone most of the time."

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