Not your ordinary girl: Singapore female pro-wrestler trounces 3 guys in ring

Not your ordinary girl: Singapore female pro-wrestler trounces 3 guys in ring
Miss Lee Xin Yi executing a headlock on the reporter. He claims the pained expression is theatrical.
Tuesday, Aug 27, 2013
The New Paper
By Ronald Loh

Only 18, she took on three guys at a pro-wrestling event last week. 25-year-old Ronald Loh bravely faces her in the ring - and survives.

SINGAPORE - On Thursday, I was beaten up by a girl.

She first had me choking and struggling to break free from her iron-grip headlock.

I managed to push her away. But she bounced off the ropes and came charging back at me.

The next thing I knew, I flew backwards and crashed to the ground with a loud "thud".

Her thin but strong arm then returned around my neck and I was violently pounded to the ground.

The "match" was over.

I lost. But in my defence, this was headline-making Lee Xin Yi.

At just 18, this female wrestler took on three burly guys and sent them all crashing at last week's pro-wrestling showcase event at Kampong Ubi Community Club's gym.

And like last week's showpiece, our fight sequence, which lasted barely a minute, was scripted.

Before you accuse me of trying to salvage my bruised ego, let me point out that that's just how pro-wrestling works.

Says Mr Andruew Tang, 24: "The winners of each fight are predetermined based on their work ethic in training, their ability to draw the audience and how well they've mastered the moves."

S'pore female pro-wrestler trounces 3 guys in ring

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