Man behind video: Mum had been complaining for 3 years

Man behind video: Mum had been complaining for 3 years
Sunday, Jun 12, 2011
The New Paper
By Tam Su Ferne

SINGAPORE - The man who had secretly filmed his mother's alleged mistreatment at the Nightingale Nursing Home said that she had been complaining to him for about three years.

The 41-year-old, who wanted to be known only as Mr Zhuo, told Shin Min Daily News his mother's complaints prompted him to put a hidden video camera disguised as a clock by his mother's bed.

He said: "I saw that two nurses were helping my mother take a bath. They took off my mother's clothes and left her sitting in a chair for half an hour. In this time, a fan was blowing in her direction."

He said the nurses did not help his 75-year-old mother, identified as Madam Bai, put her clothes back on after the bath.

Said Mr Zhuo: "Now I know why my mother is always saying she is cold in the mornings."

She had also claimed that the nurses would throw her on the bed and beat her when she groaned in pain. When contacted by The New Paper about Mr Zhuo's latest claims, Nightingale declined comment.

The video was handed to the Ministry of Health (MOH) by MediaCorp, which received it in March, according to a Channel 8 broadcast on Thursday. MOH then launched an investigation.

Mr Zhuo recorded the footage in March. The home described the incident as isolated and said it has disciplined the three staffers.

MOH suspended the home from admitting new patients until further notice from April 12.

Mr Zhuo has since moved his mother to a home in Marsiling and is arranging for her to live with him.

MOH said the video recording was given to it on March 22. Investigations started immediately. They included verifying the authenticity of the incident and interviews with everyone from the patient, the patient's family members to the home's management.

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