'I want to be cured before my wedding'

'I want to be cured before my wedding'
Tuesday, Jul 17, 2012
The New Paper
By Maureen Koh

Easier talking to a stranger

He recounts: "I knew he was right but I refused to admit it. And I felt it'd be embarrassing to get help.

"I mean, how do you tell a doctor or someone, hey guess what, I am addicted to sex?"

But it cost him his marriage of five years. His ex-wife, a housewife, could not tolerate his constant requests for sex.

"I don't blame her for being fed up and giving up on me. She didn't understand what was wrong with me and just felt that I was out of control," he says.

"Thankfully, we didn't have any children."

He has now been dating a 30-year-old sales executive for about a year and they have regular sex. They have got engaged and she has finally managed to drag him to a doctor.

The pretty woman who wants to be known only as Seline, says: "But there are times when I'm in the middle of work and he'll text me to say, 'let's meet'.

"Basically, it just means, let's have sex."

Seline admits she found it exciting at first. "When we started dating, it was fun. You feel so loved... but after a while, I realised that something was not right."

Worse, every time she rejected Mr Ang, he'd turn moody or not return home for the night.

He says: "When she turns me down and I don't come home, it means that I have found satisfaction elsewhere, either with a prostitute or in a one-night stand."

10 notorious celebrity sex addicts

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