How this 46-year-old Korean mum lost 20kg in 3 months

How this 46-year-old Korean mum lost 20kg in 3 months
Sunday, May 26, 2013
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Korean fitness and diet guru Jung Da Yeon looks nothing like the hefty 70kg-heavy housewife she was a decade ago.

A far cry from her days as a dowdy housewife, she is now known throughout South Korea as the woman who launched the "momjjang" hot body fad.

The term "momjjang" refers to her nickname "momjjang ajumma" - which means a mom or older woman with a striking figure.

Forty-six years old and a mother of two, she sports an impressive set of abs and toned, firm legs that resemble that of a 20-year-old.

It's hard to believe that she used to weigh 70kg after having her two children. According to reports, she woke up one day in 2003 and suddenly decided to act on her dissatisfaction with her figure and weight.

In just three months, she lost 20kg by following a strict diet and exercise plan. According to her online profile, she stands 162cm tall, and now weighs a slender 50kg.

Following her dramatic weight loss, Ms Jung shot to stardome after she published her diet books, workout videos and photos of her before and after figure.

According to online reports, her inspirational story turned her into a nationwide sensation and motivated Korean housewives to go to fitness centres.

Asian housewives were motivated by Ms Jung's amazing transformation, and started working out too in a bid to achieve the momjjang look. This trend became known as the momjjang syndrome.

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Amazing before and after pics: Korean mum loses 20kg in 3 months

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