Housewife dies after vomiting 6 times in 50mins

Housewife dies after vomiting 6 times in 50mins
Monday, Jun 11, 2012
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'Never thought it'd come true'

Mr Wu said that as he thought his mother's condition was kept under control with medications, Mdm Peh's words were just her fretting.

He never thought they would be a prophesy, he said.

"My birthday is at the end of this month, and I wanted to celebrate with my parents. Now, there will be no chance," he said.

The wake for the deceased was held at the void deck of the block next to their home, and the burial held on Sunday.

He added that the family is so poor, that they have to pay for the funeral in instalments.

As his mother was sick, she did not work, and his father earns about $1,000 a month from his job as a store man at a supermarket.

His job as a part-time mover earns him a miserly $300 a month.

Before her death, his mother's medical expenses every month came up to $600 a month. Now his father's bank savings add up to less than $3,000.

Although the funeral was a small affair, the expenses came up to not a small sum, hence the need for the instalments, he said.

Housewife dies after vomiting 6 times

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