Go on, eat this festive season

Go on, eat this festive season
Bak Kwa being fried.
Sunday, Feb 02, 2014
The New Paper
By Hedy Khoo

SINGAPORE - It's that time of the year again when waistlines come under fire.

We have barely made peace with our muffin tops in shrinking jeans after battling Christmas ham, turkey, log cakes and pies when we are besieged by pineapple tarts, peanut cookies and love letters.

Why do people even wish each other Happy Chinese New Year?

Everyone looks aghast and sounds sad when you offer them Chinese New Year (CNY) goodies.

"Aiyoh, so fattening, cannot eat lah."

The last thing anyone wants is to look plumply prosperous. The fear of becoming a festive fatty is contagious.

Rightly so, because sadly, science has yet to produce a vaccine to fight the bak kwa bulge.

Don't blame the scientists.

Is it even possible to resist kueh lapis or crispy arrowhead chips?

Resolve wavers with that first pineapple tart. Once your lips touch bak kwa, the battle is over. Or is it? I say not.

What's with the seasonal, if not universal, obsession with dieting and weight loss anyway?

Who says you can't have your nian gao (sweet sticky cake) and eat it? (Not that I'm a fan of nian gao, unless it is sliced and fried with egg.)

No need to kick up a fuss over kilos with this cheat sheet to festive feasting. Snack away with tips to trick gods of weight gain.

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