Girl, 4, suffers from rare disease that causes tummy to bloat

Girl, 4, suffers from rare disease that causes tummy to bloat
Wednesday, Sep 19, 2012
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SINGAPORE - 4-year-old Zecia Chew suffers from a rare condition that has caused her tummy to bloat and look like a pregnant woman's.

She suffers from Gaucher's Disease - a genetic condition where a fatty substance called lipids accumulates in cells and certain organs.

The disease is characterised by the enlargement of the liver and spleen, fat hoarding and a distended abdomen.

Her limbs are also painfully thin, as they have difficulty absorbing nutrients. Being extremely weak, Zecia is constantly in danger of falling and hurting herself.

And if she falls and hurts herself, her bruises take weeks to heal, as her blood platelet levels are extremely low due to the disease.

It is believed that there are only two known cases of Gaucher's Disease in Singapore, Chinese daily Shin Min reported.

As both of Zecia's parents have no history of the illness, it came as a great shock to them when their daughter was diagnosed with the disease.

Unluckily, medical tests revealed that both of them are carriers of the gene. If so, a child has a 25 per cent chance of inheriting the illness.

The first sign that there was something wrong with little Zecia was innocuous enough, her parents Sharon and Avan said.

They noticed that her belly was growing faster than the rest of her tiny frame. Yet she didn't seem to be eating that much food. Worried, they brought her to see a number of medical practitioners, many of whom said she had "poor digestion", "too much wind" or "a weak stomach".

When Zecia finally mastered walking, she did so with huge difficulties, often tripping and falling. Finally in October 2011, Zecia's bloated tummy, poor sense of balance, frequent complaints of tiredness and many other seemingly unrelated symptoms became too much for her parents to dismiss as "normal" for a child her age.

On October 18, Sharon and Avan received the devastating news - Zecia was suffering from a disease so rare, they had never even heard of it.

She needs $12,000 a month to live

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