Fan undergoes surgery to look like Superman

Fan undergoes surgery to look like Superman
Monday, Oct 10, 2011

Nobody would deny Herbert Chavez the title of Superman's "number one fan."

After all, the 35-year-old Filipino has undergone extensive plastic surgery just to look like his beloved man-of-steel, including chin augmentation for the iconic cleft, rhinopasty for Christopher Reeve's nose, silicone injections to the lips and thigh implants.

And these are just the procedures Herbert has admitted to.

Observers speculate that he may have undergone eye surgery and cheek and jaw augmentation.

Translated by the, Herbert told the Philippines Bandila News in a video interview that he has been going under the knife since 1995 to transform his appearance to that of Clark Kent.

Herbert, who said he works as a pageant trainer, said he began idolising the superhero when he was given the world-famous blue and red costume as a child.

He then began collecting Superman memorabilia after he started working in 1990 and could afford to cultivate his interest. Since then, he has amassed an impressive collection of Superman memorabilia that includes life-sized Superman figures, action figures, clothing, comics and posters.

His room is decked out from top to bottom in Superman themed items, like his superman bedspread, superman cushions and superman curtains.

In the interview, a psychiatrist suggested that he may have Body Dysmorphic Disorder, which is a psychological disorder where the person is excessively dissatisfied and preoccupied by his or her physical features.

Herbert wrote on his FaceBook page that while he does not have special Superman-like powers, he hopes to be an inspiration for others that they can achieve what they want in life through hard work, Agence France-Presse reported.

He also described himself as a fan of cosplay, a sub-culture where hobbyists dress up as their favourite characters.

Fan undergoes surgeries to look like Superman

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