Extreme Korean plastic surgery procedure makes flat heads round

Thursday, Dec 19, 2013

Having a flat back of the head seems like a minor flaw at most, but apparently it concerns some women enough that a surgery procedure has been created to correct it.

A plastic surgery clinic in Seoul is offering an unusual procedure - correcting flat or sunken backs of heads.

According to Kotaku, the procedure takes under an hour and involves a small incision.

Surgeons use a type of bone cement to create a round head.

Apparently, the bone cement adheres to the skull, becoming part of the bone and only adding about 20 to 80 grams to the weight of the patient's head.

South Korea may be famous for plastic surgery procedures, but this procedure doesn't appear to be widely accepted in the country.

Recently, one South Korean site called the surgery "a bit much."

Would you undergo such a procedure?

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'Round head surgery' and other extreme Korean plastic surgery fads

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