Emotional farewell for Hui Yi

Emotional farewell for Hui Yi
Friday, Sep 21, 2012
The Star/ANN
By Desiree Tresa Gasper

Aching hearts

However, Dina, 52, was adamant to follow her daughter's body right to the end of her journey.

"I was there with her when she was a baby, by her side during all her struggles at the hospital and I want to be there with her when her body is cremated," she said.

Hui Yi's father, Ah Soon, 57, said: "My heart aches but I have been up since 4am to prepare for the funeral prayers."

Chin Pak Siong, 53, whose son's heart once saved Hui Yi's life, said he felt like a broken man.

"She called me godfather and I regarded her as my very own daughter," he said.

Chin, who owns a motorcycle shop in Skudai, said he spoke with Hui Yi a couple of weeks ago, when she called to ask how he was doing.

Hui Yi's boyfriend Lau Shie Cheik, 22, wailed as her coffin was placed on the hearse.

Double heart transplant girl dies

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(Photos: China Press, NSTP, The Star, Mingguan, Utusan Malaysia)