Eating bananas can help to combat depression and other little-known health facts

Eating bananas can help to combat depression and other little-known health facts
Saturday, Oct 26, 2013
Stomp and YourHealth, AsiaOne

SINGAPORE - According to recent scientific studies, people suffering from chronic depression have responded positively after consuming bananas on a regular basis.

Things You Didn't Know reports that the active ingredients in a banana contain tryptophan, which triggers the brain to produce more serotonin, also known as "the happy hormone".

This active brain neurotransmitter is known to have positive effects on our behaviour, moods and even makes us relaxed if we are under a lot of stress.

If bananas are not in your list of favourite foods, you could try hugging to boost your mood instead.  Things You Didn't Know also reported that a hug that lasts for 20 seconds releases oxytocin, one of the most powerful neurotransmitters in our brain.

It’s a quite unique chemical compound that can only be found in mammals and requires specific stimulating techniques in order to be released naturally. One of these techniques is hugging. After years of experiments scientists have concluded that only physical touch between humans, especially loved ones, can facilitate the most potent secretion of oxytocin.

It has been proven that hugging for up to 20 seconds can create such an emotional cocktail in two people that a strong bonding might emerge instantaneously, reported Things You Didn't Know.

The logical explanation of this phenomenon is that a person with high levels of oxytocin in their system is more likely to be a lot happier, hence “contaminate” you with positive emotions through hugging and therefore make you happier and earn your trust.

Last but not least, scientists suggest that you need to experience at least eight hugs a day in order to feel happier and more content with life.

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