Man who gave kidney to boy shares life after donation

Man who gave kidney to boy shares life after donation
Tuesday, Sep 11, 2012
By Chai Hung Yin

Pillar of support

She was there every step of the way, from the meetings with the transplant ethics committee to the day of the operation.

She says her greatest source of heartache comes from Mr Lin.

"He suffered so much because of me," Madam Neo says, teary-eyed.

Mr Lin had a difficult childhood, with his parents separating when he was seven years old.

But that did not stop him from becoming one of the top students in Mayflower Primary School from Primary One to Primary Three. He was also a prefect.

His parents' divorce was finalised when he was 10. His father was given custody of him and his elder brother and his mother was allowed visiting rights.

But he later ran away from home to be with his mother.

Madam Neo has since remarried and Mr Lin has two younger half-siblings.

Mr Lin went on to study in Nanyang Polytechnic but did not complete his studies because he was "too focused on extra-curricular activities".

After serving his National Service, he went on to work instead of going back to school.

His mother hopes he will still go back to school and eventually get married.

When asked whether girls have been flocking to him ever since the story broke, the single man brushed the suggestion off with a laugh.

But he admits that he has received some requests to add him as a friend on Facebook.

He said: "I clicked on them and didn't see any mutual friends, so I left it as it is."

Bryan's family have been keeping in touch with him.

Little Bryan has a new kidney

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(Photos: The New Paper, Serene Ng)

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