Cosmetic surgery a multi-million dollar business in Thailand

Cosmetic surgery a multi-million dollar business in Thailand
Monday, Aug 20, 2012
The Nation/Asia News Network
By Pongphon Sarnsamak

Supot expects the hospital will earn Bt3 million a month as revenue from this centre.

"We want to be an aesthetic institute which provides a one-stop shop for beauty," he said.

To prepare for the Asean Economic Community in 2015, Yanhee has invested over Bt1 billion to build two new buildings and purchase new medical devices.

The hospital has planned to increase its full-time surgeons from 130 to 150 and increase the part-time surgeons from 120 to 125.

It will increase the number of professional nurses from 500 to 700 and import nurses from the Philippines to work as assistants as they can communicate well in English with foreign patients.

Apart from Yanhee International Hospital, the Wuttisak Clinic group also plans to join in the competition by increasing its skincare clinics in local and foreign markets.

The company now has 109 skincare clinics across the country with more planned. The company will also expand into Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia and Indonesia.

At least 20 skincare clinics are marked for Vietnam next year, with four clinics located in Cambodia and four more to be set up in Laos, he added.

"We know everyone wants to be more beautiful so we'll change the public perception of beauty. We'll help people think [it's] doctors who make them more beautiful and not a cosmetic product," Wuttisak Clinic's chief executive officer Nakorn Kornherun said.

Because of the rising demand in skincare treatment, the company has employed 200 general physicians to provide for customers nationwide and send others to work in neighbouring countries.

The company has invested in building its brand in the region to win over their local markets. It has spent Bt600,000 to Bt700,000 a month to rent the most famous building in Vietnam located near the Louis Vuitton shop, and about Bt80 million to renovate the building.

" We want to be the number-one player of this business in this region. It would waste our time, if we could not be the number one," he added.


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