Is constant belching a sign of something serious?

Is constant belching a sign of something serious?
Tuesday, Nov 05, 2013
The Straits Times

Q I am 20 and I have a healthy body mass index.

However, from a young age, I would feel an urge to burp, usually after meals. And when I do, I regurgitate what I have eaten.

The regurgitation does not taste like vomit. It feels as if the food I had ingested had not entered my stomach.

These days, I sometimes regurgitate about 30minutes to an hour after my meal.

I feel disgusted and embarrassed when this happens.

Am I bulimic? Or do I have rumination syndrome? Are my symptoms a sign of something serious?

A Understandably, you are distressed by your burping and regurgitation.

Belching or burping refers to the release of air from the stomach through the mouth.

Burping is commonly caused by swallowing air. Belching a few times after eating is normal.

During meals, a small amount of air is swallowed along with fluid or food.

More air is swallowed when one is eating or drinking rapidly, when food is not chewed completely or when dentures are poorly fitted.

To reduce the burping, eat and drink slowly and chew your food well. Also avoid chewing gum and sucking hard sweets, and avoid or reduce foods that precipitate the symptoms.

Four out of five patients with functional dyspepsia experience frequent belching.

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