Confessions of a sex addict: I've lost everything that's dear to me

Confessions of a sex addict: I've lost everything that's dear to me
Tuesday, Jul 17, 2012
The New Paper
By Maureen Koh


"I knew that was the end of my marriage," Ms Chew whispers.

"Two weeks later, I had an abortion and sent an e-mail with the medical record to my husband. The subject line read, 'Hope this makes you happy'."

He filed for divorce.

In a separate interview, he tells The New Paper on Sunday: "It was a marriage that should never have taken place. I hate her to the core.

"I'd never know for sure now if the baby was really mine - that's how much she has hurt me. I have to live with this guilt that I could have caused the death of my own child."

He says: "When I was told that she was fired (from her job), I had mixed feelings. But I also prayed that she'd wake up and realise she needs help badly.

"I don't want to have anything to do with her."

Ms Chew is aware of her ex-husband's bitterness. "I'm so sorry that I hurt him so badly," she says.

Ms Ong reckons that after two years of counselling, Ms Chew's condition has improved. She says: "But every time something goes wrong in her life, she'd suffer a relapse and that's when her urges return and she feels a need for empowerment.

"It would take time, but she's doing fine."

Ms Chew adds: "I don't know what to expect or how long it will take. But I'm also learning how not to use sex as a tool, whether it's for comfort or to vent my unhappiness.

"Until I enjoy sex for just what it is, I guess I can't say I've fully recovered."

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