Chinese hospital's 'sex ward' helps couples make babies

Chinese hospital's 'sex ward' helps couples make babies
Wednesday, Jan 30, 2013
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Man mistakes belly button as vagina

He said: "Nowadays due to the deterioration of China's ecological environment, people feel great pressure for survival.

"Some Chinese do not understand getting pregnant is also a technical job. It is actually not as easy as we usually see in a TV drama to get pregnant.

"A sperm has a life of three to five days and an egg survives only 12 hours. A new healthy life will be born only when a sperm meets an egg in appropriate place, time and environment."

During a press conference held last year by the hospital to mark the launch of the ward, sex professor Peng Xiaohui from Huazhong Normal University shared an anecdote that illustrated the need for such wards.

He said he once treated a couple having fertility problems and it was discovered that the reason why the couple failed to conceive even after three years of marriage was that the husband had mistaken the belly button of his wife for her vagina.

In another case displaying the sexual ignorance of some couples, a couple had sex for seven to eight times a night, resulting in fatigue and agony, because they thought the more times they had sex, the more likely the wife would get pregnant.

"Our program is to give one-to-one advice with the help of pictures and videos to the couples preparing for conceiving a baby," said Mr Peng.

'Sex ward' helps couples make babies

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