Care for cancer kids

Care for cancer kids
Thursday, Aug 18, 2011
The New Paper

[Above: Children at the opening of Arc Children's Centre.]

By Maureen Koh

It is Singapore's only day-care centre that looks after children with cancer.

And the Arc Children's Centre (ACC) is proving to be a boon for parents like Madam Jayaletchumi Thevathasan, whose five-year-old son has leukaemia.

The 33-year-old business coordinator struggled with her emotions when she found out about Jaynesh Prabakar's illness last year.

She told The New Paper: "It was such a hard blow. As a mother, I just could not take it."

Besides her family, the ACC, which opened officially on Saturday, was a source of emotional help.

It took weeks for Madam Jaya to come to terms with the cold reality of her younger son's illness.

She and her 38-year-old sales executive husband, Mr Brian Prabakar, have another son, Sajit, eight.

For Jaynesh, it started with frequent bouts of high fever last year.

Madam Jaya said: "We went from doctor to doctor and each time, the test results indicated nothing wrong."

It wasn't until Thomson Medical Centre referred Jaynesh to KK Women's & Children's Hospital for a series of tests that they finally had an answer.

Madam Jaya said: "At first, I just kept crying... The tears were not only for me but my heart ached for my baby who would have to suffer all that pain."

But she found that Jaynesh was also affected by her moods.

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