Can negative emotions cause cancer?

Can negative emotions cause cancer?
Thursday, Feb 06, 2014
Philippine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network
By Marge C. Enriquez

PHILIPPINES - A homeopathic doctor believes that cancer is caused by negative emotions. For instance, cancer in the left breast is born out of a loss, and femininity issues. Cancer in the right breast is spurred by conflicts with the opposite sex.

Cancer in the small intestines is a result of prolonged depression. Anger, meanwhile, can result in cancer in the large intestine.

Indian-born Dr. Shaji Kudiyat maintains that the soul or life force, the mind and emotions, and bodily functions are all intimately linked.

Positive and negative experiences and impressions can thus have an impact on physical functions. Feelings of anger, worry or sorrow can subsequently make the body more vulnerable.

On the other hand, when the patient awakens its spiritual identity or begins to understands itself as a life force and attunes itself to love and hope, healing can begin.

At the start of his medical practice, Kudiyat realised that cancer was being treated without understanding its root causes.

"Today's cancer treatments mainly focus on the identification and rectification of the tumour growth," he says. "It is achieved by surgically removing the tumour or by destroying it by chemotherapy or radiation."

He realise that the things he learned in medical school had their limitations.

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