Blind girl, 11, produces own CD to raise $80k for treatment

Blind girl, 11, produces own CD to raise $80k for treatment
Tuesday, Sep 11, 2012
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"Little dream"

She has since passed the Grade 4 piano examinations and was even invited to the President Star Charity show to play the piano while singing "The Moon Represents My Heart".

Her efforts managed to raise $10 million in donations.

For the accomplished young girl who is a capable horse rider, inline skater, ballet dancer and even a violinist, her disability has never stopped her from achieving her dreams.

Now she is hoping that the same talent and determination can help pave her way to regaining her sight. Her music has been published in a CD, with the aim of using the proceeds to cover her medical expenses.

Her CD, titled "Little Dream", is priced at $20 a copy and has sold 1,000 copies so far through the help of enthusiastic friends and family spreading the word through blogs, Facebook and emails.

To raise another $60,000 for medical expenses, she must sell another 4,000 CDs.

Those who wish to purchase the CD can email, or go to to make an enquiry.

Blind girl, 11, needs $80k to see again

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(Photos: ST, TNP, Adelyn Koh, Lianhe Wanbao)



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