Blind girl, 11, produces own CD to raise $80k for treatment

Blind girl, 11, produces own CD to raise $80k for treatment
Tuesday, Sep 11, 2012
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Explaining her wish to send Adelyn for another cornea transplant despite the previous four failures, Ms Koh said: "There is no best gift to be given to her, other than sending her to do the transplant again."

"According to eye specialist, her vision is now equivalent to zero per cent. No one able to guarantee it will be successful, but there will be totally no hope if we do not try at all," she added.

Hoping to let her daughter see again, Ms Koh decided to accept the transplant surgery. However, the surgery, scheduled for early November, would set the family back $80,000 - $40,000 for each eye.

With a pay cheque of just $1,500 for a family of four, it was money they could not afford.

Special talent

Unwilling to add to her mother's burden, Adelyn spent two years composing four original songs.

Ever since she was young, Adelyn loved to play the piano. At first, she fumbled at the keys, but slowly, using her hearing as a guide, she learnt to sing and even compose songs.

Ms Koh told the Chinese daily that when she sent her daughter to learn the piano, her only hope was to cultivate joy in Adelyn's life.

Unexpectedly, the lessons helped Adelyn realise her unusual talent - she can play music from memory.

Adelyn only needs to listen to a song a few times to memorise the tune and play it out on the piano.

Blind girl, 11, needs $80k to see again

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(Photos: ST, TNP, Adelyn Koh, Lianhe Wanbao)

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