Another home fires staff for abuse

Another home fires staff for abuse
Sunday, Jun 12, 2011
The New Paper

SINGAPORE - Another nursing home has revealed it had to remove staffers who were involved in alleged mistreatment of their patients.

Madam Irene Ong owns Irene Nursing Home and Serene Nursing Home.

She has been in the nursing home business since the 1980s and now has a total of 116 patients in the two homes.

She said she had to sack three staff members - all foreigners - in the last two years after other colleagues discovered they had been hitting the patients in separate cases.

It costs $1,300 a month to stay at Irene Nursing Home and $1,100 at Serene Nursing Home.

Madam Ong said she reported one of the incidents to the authorities but then decided to take action on her own.

She said: "We really pity the patients. It is just not right to physically abuse them."

Other employees had alerted her to the incident and she confirmed it when she checked the CCTV footage.

Madam Ong, who is in her 50s, said she installed a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera system to monitor staff members and patients.

It's also a precaution to mitigate against potential abuse in the nursing homes and to protect both the patients and staffers.

That's because patients too have been known to attack nurses, she said.

The recent video of an elderly woman who was allegedly mistreated by staff members at the Nightingale Nursing Home has prompted a closer look at the care elderly patients receive in nursing homes.

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