7 best foods for a beautiful body

7 best foods for a beautiful body
Thursday, Sep 13, 2012

Best food for a beautiful body 3: Eggs

Whip up an omelette or cook yourself a spicy frittata for thick, glossy tresses.

Eggs are fantastic for your hair, not only because they contain lots of protein, which is essential for hair growth, but they are also rich in biotin.

Not only are eggs good for your hair when eaten, they can also be used as a healthy, organic hair mask.

To make one, apply a beaten egg to your locks, leave for 10 minutes and then rinse out the egg with cool water.

Best food for a beautiful body 4: Curly kale

To get gleaming and strong nails you need to get some curly kale in your life. Kale, like other green and leafy vegetables, is rich in iron.

This nutrient is essential if you want great looking talons because a lack of iron in your diet will result in brittle and ill-formed nails, which, no matter how much nail polish you apply, will never be on trend.

If you're stuck for kale recipes add this iron-rich ingredient to broths, stews and tarts.

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