5 foods that will make you run faster

5 foods that will make you run faster
Thursday, Mar 07, 2013

The foods that can help you achieve your personal best

Whether you're training for a marathon or about to complete your first race, you probably have a target finish time in mind.

While training and preparing yourself properly for the race is integral to achieving your desired time, your pre-race meal can also help you to obtain the result you want. Here are the five foods that will make you run faster.

Running food 1: Beetroot

It might not be the most obvious pre-run meal, however researchers at St Louis University have found that eating baked beetroot before a race could help you to run faster.

The study recorded the running speed of 11 fit and healthy participants as they ran 5km on a treadmill.

The participants were asked to run once after consuming a portion of baked beetroot an hour before, and once after consuming a similar sized portion of cranberry relish, which had a similar amount of calories.

The results showed that after eating beetroot the average speed of the runners was 12.3km per hour (or 7.6mph), while after the cranberry relish it was just 11.9km per hour (or 7.3mph).

It is believed that this is due to the chemicals called nitrates which are contained in beetroot and which have been shown to also improve stamina when exercising.

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