10 surprising things you may be addicted to

10 surprising things you may be addicted to
Thursday, Jul 26, 2012

Surprising addiction 8: Shopping

Most of us love buying something new, whether it is the latest life-enhancing gadget or a gift for a loved one.

However, for some, buying new things can become a destructive addiction.

Shopping addiction (or omniomania) is thought to be caused by a rush of endorphins and dopamine which cause the shopper to experience a temporary "high" which they want to experience again.

Many shopping addicts use shopping as a way to escape from negative feelings or situations in their life, however the addiction can actually lead to further problems both financially and emotionally.

Surprising addiction 9: Lip balm

While not a chemical addiction such as that to alcohol and cigarettes, applying lip balm can definitely be habit-forming.

This is because while lip balm offers a temporary moisture boost for dry lips, it can interfere with the process of cellular turnover and the production of natural moisture, leading you to apply more and more lip balm to counteract these drying effects.

While it may not be life-threatening or recognised as an official illness, many websites and Facebook groups have been set up dedicated to this potentially expensive addiction.

Surprising addiction 10: Music

We all have our favourite songs, the ones we listen to over and over again, but did you ever consider you could be addictive to your favourite music?

According to a study by researchers at McGill University, you may well be.

The study revealed that when we listen to music we experience a natural "high" and our body releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter also released when people take drugs or eat pleasurable foods.

According to the researchers, dopamine makes us want to repeat behaviours, which is the reason we can become addicted to our favourite music.

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