Aid sought for baby with hole in heart

Two-year-old Mercle Lagamayo was born with a hole and an underdeveloped vein in her heart, a condition whose symptoms include the sometimes bluish hue of her gums...

[01 Mar 2015]
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Health-care boon for kids with rare diseases
For about $100 a year, MediShield Life will ease financial burden of such children's parents. -ST
[01 Mar 2015]
Conjoined Brazilian twin dies after surgery
Heitor and Arthur Rocha, who were joined at the hip and shared many internal organs including intestines and a bladder, underwent 15 hours of highly risky separation...
[01 Mar 2015]
More allied health professionals needed
Today, Singapore has close to 2,000 fully-registered physio-, occupational and speech-language therapists. -ST
[01 Mar 2015]
Doctor charged with cough medicine offence
He faces six charges under the Poisons Act, including failure to maintain proper records when dispensing cough medicine and not labelling the mixture sold. -ST
[01 Mar 2015]
One billion young people at risk of hearing loss from loud music: WHO
The UN health agency considers a volume above 85 decibels for eight hours or 100 decibels for 15 minutes as unsafe. -Reuters
[28 Feb 2015]
Mr Lee remains 'stable', monitored closely by doctors: Yaacob
The Prime Minister's Office had said in a statement on Feb 25 that Mr Lee's condition had stabilised and that he was on mechanical ventilation in the Intensive Care...
[28 Feb 2015]
Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin has fluid build-up in chest wall
Mr Tan, in a Facebook post on Thursday, said he went for a health check-up in the morning after experiencing discomfort in his right chest area for about a week. -ST
[28 Feb 2015]
Exercises for menopausal women
Studies have shown that those who do regular cardio exercises have 2-3 times lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease. -Korea Herald/ANN
[27 Feb 2015]
Japanese woman's face nearly rots due to plastic surgery addiction
While going under the knife to enhance one's physical looks is now prevalent in Asia, a young woman from Japan has taken her pursuit of beauty to the extreme. -AsiaOne
[26 Feb 2015]
New support group for colorectal patients
Volunteers visit CGH weekly, share stories on living with ostomy bags. -ST
[27 Feb 2015]