She was distraught by thoughts of the future when she found out her husband, the sole breadwinner of the family, would have to have his hands and feet amputated....

[31 Aug 2015]
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The genomic screening project, called Scrum-Japan, involves 13 drugmakers including Takeda Pharmaceutical and Astellas Pharma from Japan and US drug company Pfizer. -...
[30 Aug 2015]
There are three key points to note when choosing a diet to maximise your running performance. -ST
[30 Aug 2015]
Insomnia might be cause by various reasons - here are a few things you should avoid in order to get a good night's sleep. -Her World
[30 Aug 2015]
The man whose hands and feet became gangrenous after a severe bout of food poisoning had his feet amputated a week earlier than expected. -ST
[30 Aug 2015]
Workplaces that encourage healthy lifestyle practices are tied to fewer obese employees among millennials, according to a new study. -Reuters
[29 Aug 2015]
Mosquitoes became a new threat to Japan last year when authorities confirmed the first domestic case of dengue fever in 69 years. -Japan News/ANN
[29 Aug 2015]
Do you know which PSI level is considered too unhealthy to go outdoors and at which point do you need to wear a mask? We explain. -Men's Health
[29 Aug 2015]
The development of new medicines is a costly and time-consuming business. -ST
[29 Aug 2015]
Singaporeans are always looking to lose some weight, aren't we?
[29 Aug 2015]
The California State Senate on Thursday passed a bill to regulate electronic cigarettes as tobacco products, sending the measure to the Assembly where a similar bill...
[28 Aug 2015]