An elderly woman in Beijing, China, had to be carried from her fifth-storey apartment into a waiting ambulance by four paramedics and three security guards after she...

[01 Nov 2014]
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The cancer had spread beyond the cervix and there were metastases in the lungs and the liver. -ST
[01 Nov 2014]
Corporate trainer Melissa Lim told herself she could overcome her brain tumour as long as it was benign. -MYB, ST
[01 Nov 2014]
A recent study conducted by researchers at University College in the United Kingdom suggests that low expectations may be the key, not only to happy marriages but also...
[01 Nov 2014]
If exercising is enjoyable and efficient, it will not feel like a chore. -MYB, ST
[01 Nov 2014]
Move over Lasik, Relex Smile is the latest vision correction procedure which promises less post-operative discomfort and fewer side effects. -MYB, ST
[01 Nov 2014]
Body naturally clears virus, but some women risk getting cervical cancer. -ST
[01 Nov 2014]
Celebrate Halloween with a Bikram yoga class or take part in a mass yoga event to hip hop beats this weekend. -AsiaOne
[31 Oct 2014]
Ebola is not airborne says medical professionals. -Reuters
[31 Oct 2014]
Let's recap some relevant information on breast cancer and note the steps for its early detection. -tabla!
[31 Oct 2014]
The World Bank announced a $100-million fund for more health workers. -AFP
[31 Oct 2014]