THAILAND- The four deaths were in Muang, Ban Phue, Si That and Ban Dung districts. This prompted the provincial health authorities to host a workshop to brush-up the...

[23 Apr 2014]
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He never gave up, even when he first lost most of his limbs. And he is not about to give up now, though he can barely walk 200m in 20 minutes. -TNP
[23 Apr 2014]
Death of 44-year-old after liposuction last year was ruled a misadventure by the State Coroner yesterday. -ST
[23 Apr 2014]
KTPH ward is homely and the nurses are specially trained. -ST
[23 Apr 2014]
Zheng Geping turns 50 at the end of the month but has a body that would be the envy of someone half his age. -MYB
[22 Apr 2014]
The MERS death toll has climbed to 81 in Saudi Arabia, which sacked its health minister as cases of infection by the coronavirus mount in the country. -AFP
[22 Apr 2014]
British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline and Swiss peer Novartis announced a major shake-up of their healthcare divisions on Tuesday in deals worth billions of...
[22 Apr 2014]
A budding academic movement seeks to prepare medical students for the philosophical questions that follow patients' passing. -China Daily/ANN
[22 Apr 2014]
Direct relationship between low vitamin D levels in mothers and higher numbers of cavities in their toddlers: Study. -Reuters
[22 Apr 2014]
The increased anxiety appears to dissipate within a year, and doesn't necessarily affect their overall health. -Reuters
[22 Apr 2014]
The patient involved received a blood transfusion at the hospital in 1995, and was diagnosed with AIDS in 2008. -China Daily/ANN
[22 Apr 2014]