The Zika virus is at our doorstep.

Taiwan confirmed a case of the virus infection on Jan 19, while a 27-year-old man on Indonesia's Sumatra island has...

[07 Feb 2016]
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One FM radio DJs, TV host working hard for next month's Men's Health Singapore Urbanathlon -TNP
[07 Feb 2016]
Differences among alcoholics in who gets severe liver damage and who doesn't might be partly due to differences in their gut microbes, suggests a new study. -Reuters
[06 Feb 2016]
The two new cases among Australian residents were the result of travel to affected countries. -Reuters
[06 Feb 2016]
Number diagnosed last year up 4 times from 2011, says NNI study. -ST
[06 Feb 2016]
This model of care forms the basis for the masterplan to redevelop the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) campus over the next 20 years. -ST
[06 Feb 2016]
Dede Koswara succumbed to health problems including hepatits, liver and gastric disorders on Jan 30.
[05 Feb 2016]
Doctors have removed more than 1,000 ants from her ears, but the problem has persisted despite her doctor and desperate parents 'trying everything'.
[05 Feb 2016]
HIV/AIDS patients with controlled conditions will be able to apply for organ transplants beginning on Mar. 1, the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MHW) announced...
[05 Feb 2016]
Burn off those CNY calories with a good spring clean! Two pluses: Your house will look immaculate and you won't feel deprived. -Shape
[05 Feb 2016]
With this season of prosperity, comes a parade of food that is especially served at this time. -PurelyB
[05 Feb 2016]