Single mother sells pineapple tarts to pay for son's cancer treatment

SINGAPORE - To pay for her son's medical fees, a single mother has turned to selling homemade pineapple tarts.

Ms Liu Chun Yue (Hanyu Pinyin name) quit her...

[30 Jan 2015]
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Mother 'freaked out' by his eyeball tattoos
This extreme form of modification involves dyeing the whites of the eyes by injecting ink into the eye's protective outer layer, called the sclera. -My Paper
[30 Jan 2015]
CDC urges measles vaccinations amid Disneyland outbreak
The outbreak has renewed debate over the so-called anti-vaccination movement in which fears about potential side effects of vaccines. -Reuters
[30 Jan 2015]
Midwife collapses after delivering 11 babies
After delivering 11 babies from 12 midnight to 8.30 am, the midwife fainted due to hypoglycemia. -China Daily/ANN
[30 Jan 2015]
Bill passed, making health insurance for all a reality
Govt to subsidise at least 90 per cent of any premium increase in first year -ST
[30 Jan 2015]
All about knee pain
Does your knee hurt when you're walking up and down the stairs or standing up from a sitting position? You may be suffering from knee osteoarthritis. -tabla!
[30 Jan 2015]
Young adults say they see e-cigs as safe, fun technology
It's still unclear whether e-cigarettes help smokers to cut down or quit traditional cigarettes, but a growing number are using them to try. -Reuters
[30 Jan 2015]
Withdrawal method linked to condom, pregnancy perceptions
Withdrawal or "pulling out" is not considered to be an effective form of birth control on its own and is not recognised by the Centres for Disease Control and...
[30 Jan 2015]
Philippine Department of Health urges ban of 'toxic' plastic
The EcoWaste Coalition has called on Health Secretary to sign an administrative order that would ban plastic products containing Bisphenol A. -PDI/ANN
[30 Jan 2015]
Acid attack victim regains confidence with corrective surgery
Tan Hui Linn, 22, and her mother were victims of an acid attack by her father at their home here in October 2009. -The Star/ANN
[30 Jan 2015]
Addressing pitfalls of health-care cost transfers
DPM Teo said many countries had inter-generational transfers where the cost of health-care benefits for the elderly was paid for by taxing those currently working. -ST
[30 Jan 2015]