Many diabetic patients in Singapore are at risk of losing their vision, as most of those who suffer from a diabetes-linked eye condition do not even know they have...

[24 May 2015]
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The three boys and one girl were born premature at 26 weeks in a Berlin hospital but have "good chances of surviving," the report said. -AFP
[24 May 2015]
Fewer than one in five Singaporeans gets the recommended eight hours of sleep daily, and more than half have difficulties falling asleep, according to a new survey. -ST
[24 May 2015]
Some 1,000 Singaporeans between the ages of 20 to 59 years old took part in the survey conducted by global research firm 2CV. -AsiaOne
[24 May 2015]
With his melodic voice and chubby cheeks, you wouldn't think Shin Hyomyung is any older than 12 years old. -AsiaOne
[24 May 2015]
Now she is able to walk briskly for 30 minutes regularly and row in a dragonboat. -TNP
[24 May 2015]
Products such as bleach, glass cleaner, detergents and air fresheners exacerbated asthma-related symptoms. -Reuters
[23 May 2015]
Paramedics took the man, who has not been identified, to a nearby hospital, where he was admitted to the intensive care unit. -Reuters
[23 May 2015]
Water sports coach Richard Lim tells Joan Chew how his active lifestyle has improved his well-being. -MYB/ST
[23 May 2015]
With longer life expectancy, more elderly Singaporeans are discovering to their dismay that their vocal cords are wearing out before they do. -MYB/ST
[23 May 2015]
Madam Jayshree Karnanithi, 33, and her husband, Mr Ganesan Balakrishna, 35, find strength to carry on only because of each other. -TNP
[22 May 2015]