SYDNEY - Australian surgeons said Friday they have used hearts which had stopped beating in successful transplants, in a world first they said could change the way...

[24 Oct 2014]
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Adding one-on-one sessions focused on reliving the experience of losing a loved one to regular group therapy appears to help more patients with prolonged grief,...
[24 Oct 2014]
Consumers in gourmet havens like France and Italy are slowly starting to demand gluten-, dairy- and meat-free diets as environmental and health concerns kick in. -AFP
[24 Oct 2014]
The blue glow from televisions and other screens suppresses natural mechanisms that help us fall asleep at night, but blocking just the blue wavelength may restore...
[24 Oct 2014]
People who went to their doctor's office at least twice a year were more likely to keep their blood pressure under control compared to those who went once a year or...
[24 Oct 2014]
A study by Madras Medical College has revealed that even young adults are at risk of developing osteoporosis. -tabla!
[24 Oct 2014]
Both airports have first line defences in place, many of which are hidden from public view. -The Star/ANN
[24 Oct 2014]
Public awareness of stroke is low in Singapore, even though it is the second-most common cause of disease for Singaporeans aged 65 and older. -My Paper
[24 Oct 2014]
Patient given drug he was allergic to, and an antidote without his knowledge. -ST
[24 Oct 2014]
A team of doctors who helped a paralysed man get back on his feet were seeking new patients so they could establish their breakthrough was not a one-off. -Reuters
[23 Oct 2014]
Dr Kevin Teh was alleged to have damaged Michael Balensiefer's hand during a liposuction treatment in 2009. -ST
[23 Oct 2014]