Doctor offers advice on IBS and indigestion

For many people with irritable bowel syndrome, their symptoms don't give a clear indication of their condition.

While IBS is a common gut disorder which...

[21 Dec 2014]
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Malays most unhealthy group
Latest statistics show the Malays have high incidence of kidney failure, stroke and heart attacks.
[21 Dec 2014]
Chinese court orders apology for gay cure scam
A court in Beijing ordered a private psychological counseling centre to apologise and pay compensation to a 30-year-old homosexual man for providing him with treatment...
[21 Dec 2014]
Japan scientists develop micro-fine adhesive sensors
Scientists in Japan have developed a sticky sheet of tiny sensors that can be put directly on moving joints, beating hearts or other living tissues. -AFP
[21 Dec 2014]
Cancer survivor scoots around school with teacher's gift
Chee Heng had to undergo five operations, but his teachers and parents inspired him to keep fighting. -TNP
[21 Dec 2014]
Brain cancer no obstacle for teen
He was among the 99.7% of N(A) students to pass the N levels. -ST
[21 Dec 2014]
2 Chinese medicines pulled off shelves
Sale stopped, product batch recalled after high levels of arsenic found. -ST
[21 Dec 2014]
Parsing the 24-week rule for abortions
Under the Termination of Pregnancy Act, abortion is allowed up to 24 weeks of pregnancy without restriction as to reason. -ST
[20 Dec 2014]
Spreading Yuletide joy to the sick
Some hospitals here are making sure their inpatients feel the Christmas spirit. -MYB, ST
[20 Dec 2014]
From junior nurse to hospital chief exec
When Ms Pauline Tan first joined health care 36 years ago, she was just an enrolled nurse - the lowest tier in the profession. -ST
[20 Dec 2014]
Autism risk linked to particulate air pollution
Children whose mothers were exposed to high levels of fine particulate pollution in late pregnancy have up to twice the risk of developing autism as children of...
[19 Dec 2014]