SYDNEY - Nestled among the bars and strip clubs of Sydney's Kings Cross is a service which not only saves lives, but continues the pragmatic approach which prevented...

[24 Jul 2014]
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Prominent Australian right-to-die doctor Philip Nitschke on Thursday vowed to continue giving advice on how to end life after the Australian Medical Board used...
[24 Jul 2014]
Worked no better than dummy drugs administered in a trial of more than 1,600 people suffering from the condition. -AFP
[24 Jul 2014]
South Korea has confirmed a case of foot-and-mouth disease at a hog farm, the country's first outbreak in more than three years. -Reuters
[24 Jul 2014]
Almost 160 students pledged not to pick up smoking at yesterday's Tobacco Free Generation 2000 Youth Summit. -ST
[24 Jul 2014]
Emotional support from loved ones is most crucial to the elderly. -TNP
[24 Jul 2014]
A Chinese town has been sealed off and 151 people placed in quarantine since last week after a man died of bubonic plague. -AFP
[23 Jul 2014]
At Como Shambala, resident TCM practitioner Mark Chern opens up a new world of treatment options. -BT
[23 Jul 2014]
Your joints could be older than you think. Find out your true joint age with the Joint Age Calculator and start your journey to better joint health! -Advertising...
[23 Jul 2014]
Scientists are inching closer to better and earlier detection of schizophrenia, after uncovering about 80 new genes linked to the disease. -My Paper
[23 Jul 2014]
Those with pre-exisiting conditions advised to do their homework. -TNP
[23 Jul 2014]