A baby boy born without an anus is on the brink of death as his family is too poor to treat his birth defect.

Sina News reported that three-month-old Guo Enze...

[30 Jul 2015]
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ONE FM DJ Cheryl Miles says quitting smoking has given her more energy now than in her 20s. -TNP
[30 Jul 2015]
Man had given up on life after being diagnosed with end-stage lung cancer. But trial drug shrinks his cancerous cells. -TNP
[30 Jul 2015]
Her son was shocked to see something moving on her eyelid and immediately sent her to an eye specialist for help. -AsiaOne
[29 Jul 2015]
The nationwide campaign focuses on educating the public on knowing the authenticity of drugs and obtaining medical products from a legal source. -The Star/ANN
[29 Jul 2015]
A misplaced needle carries the risk of infection, scarring, nerve damage, and even blindness and death. -The Star/ANN
[29 Jul 2015]
Freezing eggs solely for the purpose of preserving or extending fertility is illegal, the regulation states. -China Daily/ANN
[29 Jul 2015]
The team is now working on refining the system and hopes eventually to be able to test a second-generation vaccine candidate in human clinical trials. -Reuters
[29 Jul 2015]
This surgery was the result of years of training, followed by months of planning and preparation by a remarkable team. -AFP
[29 Jul 2015]
Previous research has linked skipping breakfast to an increased risk for weight gain and diabetes. -Reuters
[29 Jul 2015]
The researchers did not claim that the vaccine was directly responsible for increasing virus strength. -AFP
[29 Jul 2015]