PETALING JAYA: There are no traces of glyphosate in Quaker Oats sold in the country, the Health Ministry confirmed.

"The ministry has conducted surveillance...

[29 May 2016]
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The Charity, Prostate Cancer UK did a survey recently showing nearly one in five men (17 per cent) did even know they have a prostate and that many men were blind to...
[29 May 2016]
A form of chemotherapy trialled in Singapore on patients with advanced gastric cancer has shown promise in prolonging their lives. The results were presented this week...
[29 May 2016]
The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) has introduced the Improvised First Aid Skills (IFAS) to educate members of the public on how to use everyday items to stop...
[28 May 2016]
Popular Chinese herb may interact with Western medicines in unpredictable ways -ST
[28 May 2016]
The Health Ministry (MOH) is considering prosecuting non-compliant parents if they cannot be persuaded to protect their children against this highly infectious disease...
[28 May 2016]
Food-grade lye water is very different from lye water for industrial use, and is safe for consumption. -ST
[28 May 2016]
When you're on a low-calorie diet for a long period, leptin levels drop and your body starts to conserve fat in anticipation of a food shortage. -herworldPLUS
[28 May 2016]
He wanted to impress his friends at a party. -AsiaOne
[27 May 2016]
edXAds by Rubicon Project The recently discovered antibiotic-resistant gene, known as mcr-1, has also been found in China and Europe.
[27 May 2016]
"I think there is a kind of stigma in showbiz. It's, like, if you're an entertainer, you're supposed to be a role model and be happy all the time. -TNP
[27 May 2016]