A team of doctors who helped a paralysed man get back on his feet by transplanting cells from his nasal cavity into his spinal cord said they were seeking new...

[23 Oct 2014]
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Dr Kevin Teh was alleged to have damaged Michael Balensiefer's hand during a liposuction treatment in 2009. -ST
[23 Oct 2014]
The 1-year-old King Charles Spaniel belonging to a Dallas nurse infected with Ebola has tested free of the virus and will remain in isolation for the remainder of his...
[23 Oct 2014]
First victim's family hunted bats, which carry virus and can infect apes, monkeys and small antelopes. -TNP
[23 Oct 2014]
One of the two nurses infected with Ebola while treating the Liberian patient in Dallas who died October 8 is now faring better. -AFP
[22 Oct 2014]
Ashoka Mukpo, who was working as a freelance cameraman for NBC News in Monrovia, Liberia when he fell ill, will go home and speak to the media. -AFP
[22 Oct 2014]
There is a 'very mature checking system, developed from lessons learnt during Sars', says expert. -TNP
[22 Oct 2014]
She may have caught the Sars bug and almost paid with her life, but she is ready to battle again if the Ebola virus lands here. -TNP
[22 Oct 2014]
Project Vision @ Nee Soon GRC will screen 5,000 residents aged over 50 who are not yet seeing doctors for eye conditions. -ST
[22 Oct 2014]
A new device similar to a simple pregnancy home-test could allow doctors to diagnose a patient with suspected Ebola in under 15 minutes, its French developers said...
[21 Oct 2014]
The funds, which will go towards supporting the WHO Ebola Response Roadmap, will be in addition to Singapore's earlier contribution of an aid package. -AsiaOne
[21 Oct 2014]