PETALING JAYA - Malaysians should avoid eating meat for the benefit of their health and the environment.

The Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) president S...

[30 Nov 2015]
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Beijing - Northern China choked under some of the worst smog this year on Monday, with levels in Beijing soaring to 22 times healthy limits, triggering the city's...

[30 Nov 2015]
Family ponders options after baby's liver deteriorates soon after organ transplant -TNP
[30 Nov 2015]
He was admitted to Tan Tock Seng Hospital last Wednesday but his condition deteriorated. -My Paper
[30 Nov 2015]
The trendy cafe in Jakarta sells herb-infused brews promising to fix every ailment from coughs to impotence. -AFP
[29 Nov 2015]
China is turning its industrial might to the challenge of making more of its own drugs for a vast and aging population. -Reuters
[29 Nov 2015]
SMRT taxis will be equipped with automated external defibrillators (AED) in a three-year pilot programme launched last Friday. -ST
[29 Nov 2015]
Many seek help abroad as they fear criminal record, but MP says those who come forward here for treatment 'won't be convicted'. -ST
[29 Nov 2015]
Fish suppliers alerted to GBS infections and restaurants monitoring imports. -ST
[29 Nov 2015]
Man who had hands and feet amputated after eating raw fish and testing positive for GBS says he blames no one for his plight -TNP
[29 Nov 2015]
Sector has huge potential, but experts warn against overheating, impact of policy barriers. -ST
[29 Nov 2015]