Is the Western diet causing obesity in Chinese children?

It's quite possible, according to a 29-year study published in the European Journal of Preventive...

[29 Apr 2016]
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A study found that men who exercised the most before they were diagnosed with prostate cancer had a lower risk of death from the disease than those who exercised the...
[29 Apr 2016]
The procedure, formally known as a cricothyroidotomy, is used in emergency situations to establish airflow when more traditional methods won't work due to trauma,...
[29 Apr 2016]
Dr Coren argued that hugging is not good for canines, especially puppies. He pointed out that body language, including showing the whites of the eyes, as an indication...
[29 Apr 2016]
Now 19, Miss Joy Sim is equipped to help prevent the risk of people falling victim to such illnesses. -TNP
[28 Apr 2016]
Many public health experts think e-cigarettes, or vapes, which do not contain tobacco, are a lower-risk alternative to smoking, but some questions remain about their...
[28 Apr 2016]
The men all had normal semen concentrations, but older men and those with higher work stress had more fragmentation of the DNA in their sperm. -Reuters
[28 Apr 2016]
While studies have shown an association between the intake of sugar-sweetened beverages and diabetes, the exact risk is not that well quantified, said Dr Liew. -ST
[28 Apr 2016]
Growing concern over infection risks in such facilities has prompted South Korea to propose tighter regulation of the sometimes luxurious centres. -Reuters
[28 Apr 2016]
The 32-year-old contracted necrosis after his latest cosmetic procedure to sculpt and trim his nose. -PDI/ANN
[28 Apr 2016]
"I stay away from dairy but I can eat like a mad woman!" confessed Lian, who has just returned from Singapore after shooting a drama called The Hush. -The Star/ANN
[28 Apr 2016]