Every few years, the beauty and wellness industry picks a foe. About a decade ago, free radicals were the enemy, so antioxidants were huge in skincare and food-...

[04 Jul 2015]
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The gigantic hospital operated by the powerful Samsung business group now accounts for 90 out of 185 confirmed cases. -AFP
[04 Jul 2015]
Combining alcohol with medicine may delay the breakdown of the drug by the liver, causing it to stay in the blood longer and increasing the risk of an overdose. -ST
[04 Jul 2015]
Besides damaging the skin, excessive sun exposure also increases a person's risk of developing skin cancer. -AsiaOne
[04 Jul 2015]
About four in 10 cases of cancer may be preventable and that early detection of the disease leads to a better chance of recovery, or at least of surviving longer. -ST
[04 Jul 2015]
Antibodies now identified for 3 of 4 strains; second team looks at epidemic-prone viruses. -ST
[04 Jul 2015]
Assessment will include questionnaire on medical history, mobility and physical tests. -ST
[04 Jul 2015]
A Czech tour guide has been hospitalised in Prague, suspected of having the potentially fatal MERS virus. -AFP
[03 Jul 2015]
The 75-year-old man, who had travelled to Bangkok for treatment for a heart condition and was then diagnosed with the virus, was declared free of the disease earlier...
[03 Jul 2015]
The latest cases involved two nurses from Seoul's Samsung Medical Center, the health ministry said. -AFP
[03 Jul 2015]
All nine genes of the HIV had been reprogrammed in a more sophisticated way than the most complex HIV found to date. -China Daily/ANN
[03 Jul 2015]