The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has issued an alert on five illegal sex enhancement products sold online as they can cause serious adverse reactions.


[21 Apr 2015]
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Two new studies looking at whether electronic cigarettes help smokers to quit their deadly habit have found that while some of them can, it depends on the type and how...
[21 Apr 2015]
In the first large study to compare MBCT and anti-depressants, researchers found little difference in outcomes. -Reuters
[21 Apr 2015]
A study found that 18 of the 20 brain regions active in adults experiencing pain were also active in babies. -Reuters
[21 Apr 2015]
Blogger Hong Qiu Ting, 27, never liked what she saw when she looked in the mirror. -TNP
[21 Apr 2015]
These women push their bodies hard, challenging the traditional ideal of beauty that is all curves and fair skin. Find out what it means to them to be beautiful. -TNP
[21 Apr 2015]
Worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980 which reports that 42 million children under the age of 5 were overweight. -China Daily/ANN
[21 Apr 2015]
Matheryn Noavaratpong died in January 2015 after her family made the painful decision to take her off life support. -TNP
[21 Apr 2015]
People with high blood pressure can also have obstructed blood vessels, increasing their chances of a stroke. -ST
[21 Apr 2015]
Increase in breeding spots, coming peak season could lead to surge in cases. -ST
[20 Apr 2015]
Wearing invisible braces requires discipline, which I have in spades – until the day I dropped them in the toilet. -ST
[20 Apr 2015]