Florescent lotion and black light revealed that health care workers often contaminate their skin and clothing while removing their protective gear, researchers say...

[13 Oct 2015]
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A total of 58 close contacts of a British nurse currently in treatment for a rare late complication from the Ebola virus have been identified, heath officials said on...
[13 Oct 2015]
A novel dissolving heart stent developed by Abbott Laboratories proved comparably safe and effective as its market-leading Xience stent in a large, late-stage trial. -...
[13 Oct 2015]
A glass of red wine at dinner is safe and possibly beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes, a new trial suggests. -Reuters
[13 Oct 2015]
She appealed for help because the operation would cost P250,000, including the expenditure for the CT scan which must be done before the procedure. -PDI/ANN
[13 Oct 2015]
The last patient diagnosed with MERS in S Korea tested positive for the virus again after showing symptoms such as high fever. -Korea Herald/ANN
[13 Oct 2015]
Learn more about the bone condition and try these tips to slash your risk of osteoporosis. -AsiaOne
[12 Oct 2015]
The 8-year-old boy and 6-year-old girl had their hair shaved and skin harvested from their scalps. -AsiaOne
[12 Oct 2015]
Last week, SGH revealed that 22 kidney patients had con-tracted hepatitis C infections while receiving treatment in the hospital. -ST
[12 Oct 2015]
Babies often suffer unnecessary pain in clinical studies, potentially breaching international standards for ethical research. -Reuters
[12 Oct 2015]
People who can't resist fidgeting while they work may want to stop trying to kick the habit, because a new study suggests all that toe tapping and pencil rapping may...
[12 Oct 2015]