JAKARTA - His body shaking violently, Sofyan screamed loudly as a traditional healer sought to calm the Indonesian election candidate, one of a growing number...

[17 Apr 2014]
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Insurers must now cover behavioural interventions for children with autism at the same level that they cover visits to a medical doctor. -Reuters
[17 Apr 2014]
Dispute flares on why game addict killed son. -Korea Herald/ANN
[17 Apr 2014]
Some features become more desirable to the opposite sex when fewer people have them. -AFP
[16 Apr 2014]
Devotion is a word not often used these days where love is the common currency of expression between a man and woman. If you want to truly understand it, you need to...
[15 Apr 2014]
Four professionals from different backgrounds give their take on how to find happiness in their work and personal lives. -ST
[15 Apr 2014]
"Nodding your head and stating 'yes', 'I see' or 'uh huh' does not mean you agree with the person but shows you are listening," he said. -The Star/ANN
[14 Apr 2014]
More young professionals are ending up with medical problems because of extra-long work hours. -ST
[14 Apr 2014]
Psychologist called on Malaysians to invest more time in meaningful relationships, healthy dieting and exercising to rid themselves of stress and anxiety. -The Star/ANN
[13 Apr 2014]
She said schools often give the wrong advice to victims, so the chance of a victim getting real help is "very slim". -TNP
[11 Apr 2014]
Jason (not his real name), now 17, said he used to weigh 60kg when he was 1.5m tall and became the target of school bullies. - TNP
[11 Apr 2014]