Student draws on pain to help children

Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) student Chia Xun An, 23, was diagnosed with clinical depression when he was just 10.

He had low moods, erratic behaviour and...

[28 Mar 2015]
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Men who love dolls are mentally ill: Psychiatrist
Men who turn to life-size silicone dolls for companionship suffer from a mental condition known as agalmatophilia, said two experts. -TNP
[27 Mar 2015]
Woman was of 'unsound mind' when toddler died
Lim Ann Nee, 45, was rescued at around 6pm on Nov 25, 2013, the body of her second son, 17-month-old Emilien Lacroix, was found floating in the sea about 300m from...
[26 Mar 2015]
Love yourself
Only by treating ourselves with compassion and accepting our deficiencies can we hope to live fully and happily. -MYB, ST
[20 Mar 2015]
Voices become deafening
Before undergoing treatment, psychosis patient hears voices in his head, insulting, mocking and laughing at him. -ST
[17 Mar 2015]
Ramping up mental health care
The Health Ministry plans to build more support networks made up of grassroots leaders, volunteers, social work agencies, the police and town councils. -ST
[14 Mar 2015]
My friend's tragic run of depression
It’s time to remove the stigma attached to mental disorders – they are illnesses, not character flaws. -ST
[14 Mar 2015]
Stress, depression boost risks for heart patients
For people with heart disease, high levels of stress coupled with depression increase the risk of heart attack and death, according to a new study.-Reuters
[11 Mar 2015]
A quarter of maids surveyed found to have poor mental health
Because of many restrictions placed on maids by their employers, maids may often feel trapped and could end up with mental problems. -TNP
[10 Mar 2015]
Self-love is not easy to achieve
In 1986, pop-singer Whitney Houston had a worldwide hit with her version of The Greatest Love Of All. -MYB, ST
[06 Mar 2015]
'Reckless' drug habit led to death
Coroner says no proof that widow, whose rotting body was found on sofa in her flat, wanted to end her life. -ST
[27 Feb 2015]