Like many, we are saddened by the tragic news of the apparent suicide of Robin Williams, an extraordinarily talented actor and comedian.

His untimely death...

[20 Aug 2014]
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Ever felt like your neighbour's antics could drive you to an early grave? -AFP
[19 Aug 2014]
Elza, who also became an actress, refused to believe she was depressed until an anxiety attack left her feeling hollow and scared. -The Star/ANN
[17 Aug 2014]
The cabin crew he treated fell into three categories - those who developed a fear of flying, became depressed, or were experiencing a worsening of depression. -The...
[17 Aug 2014]
Bubbling with optimism and energy, the US physician who was the inspiration for the Robin Williams film "Patch Adams" will do anything to elicit a soothing laugh. -AFP
[16 Aug 2014]
Multitasking may impair the forming of long-term memories. -ST
[14 Aug 2014]
Vitamin D deficiency is associated with a substantially increased risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease in older people. -ST
[12 Aug 2014]
Forgetfulness can be brought on by drugs such as statins, and also by invasive diagnostic procedures, poor control of medical conditions and poor quality of sleep, all...
[11 Aug 2014]
Staff and volunteers of IMH facility to reach out to distressed caregivers. -ST
[07 Aug 2014]
The suicide rate among elderly people in rural China has increased greatly in the past 20 years. -China Daily/ANN
[04 Aug 2014]
Experts say there is more awareness of mental illness and how to get help. -ST
[02 Aug 2014]