SINGAPORE - When her siblings suddenly cut off all contact with her close to two decades ago, she sank into depression.

For more than 10 years, Madam Junainah...

[30 Oct 2014]
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Psychological cruelty to children from parents or caregivers can cause as much - or even more - emotional damage than physical and sexual abuse, according to a new US...
[25 Oct 2014]
Adding one-on-one sessions focused on reliving the experience of losing a loved one to regular group therapy appears to help more patients with prolonged grief,...
[24 Oct 2014]
Those suspecting mental illness in others can ask for tips on what to do. -ST
[19 Oct 2014]
UK-based scientists said the relationship they found between depression and exercise points to ways to simultaneously improve both mental and physical health. -Reuters
[16 Oct 2014]
Well conditioned muscles make it easier for the body to purge a harmful protein associated with depression, a new study in mice suggests. -Reuters
[10 Oct 2014]
X-ray images revealed a massive hairball in her stomach had caused her digestive tract to be blocked. -AsiaOne
[30 Sep 2014]
Imagine carrying a heavy load on your back without a moment of rest. - TNP
[27 Sep 2014]
Patients taking part in IMH's new self-management programme for mental health open up to share their worries and anxieties about schizophrenia. -TNP
[25 Sep 2014]
Rise due to more people becoming tech-savvy, say welfare groups. -ST
[22 Sep 2014]
That's why, sometimes, they need to rely on the doctor and on family. -ST
[22 Sep 2014]