For people with recurring depression, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy may be more helpful than other treatments, according to a new analysis.


[30 Apr 2016]
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While they do not make you high and euphoric, the right kind of food can generally help uplift your mood and improve emotional well-being. -The Star/ANN
[24 Apr 2016]
Six signs that show you need a break from your smartphone right now. -Her World
[22 Apr 2016]
30 in local study will also visit museums and be tracked for improvements in cognition. -The Straits Times
[09 Apr 2016]
Addiction seemed to explain roughly three-quarters of the effect of social media use on depression, the researchers found. -Reuters
[06 Apr 2016]
Presently, it can take up to twelve years for someone to be properly diagnosed with bipolar disorder. -ST
[05 Apr 2016]
The world's fourth most populous nation has outlawed such shackling for decades but the practice continues, particularly in poor areas. -Reuters
[30 Mar 2016]
Tomorrow, March 30, is World Bipolar Day. -ST
[29 Mar 2016]
Everyone experiences grief differently, but there are some things you can do to help a grieving person or a child cope with it. -ST
[29 Mar 2016]
Woman stricken with schizophrenia after tragedies. -TNP
[28 Mar 2016]
Exposure to extreme trauma may hinder the development of brain cell connections, essential for health, emotional wellbeing and ability to learn, UNICEF said. -Reuters
[24 Mar 2016]