She was only a 17-year-old junior college student when she was referred to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH).

She was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder...

[29 May 2016]
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"It was physically, emotionally and financially draining." -NP
[19 May 2016]
One idea: Transform what patient has to do into something enjoyable -ST.
[18 May 2016]
Prince William, his wife Kate and brother Harry urged Britons to ditch their prejudices about mental health. -Reuters
[17 May 2016]
Social attitudes towards people who look outwardly normal even though they have hidden disabilities still reflect "a lot of stigma". -ST
[08 May 2016]
Some 30 per cent of employers said they are promoting a healthy workplace culture through dedicated ways to deliver health information. -ST
[06 May 2016]
If you need a little boost of happiness and want some easy and fuss-free ways to lift your spirits, here are five natural options to try. -Her World
[02 May 2016]
For people with recurring depression, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy may be more helpful than other treatments, according to a new analysis. -Reuters
[30 Apr 2016]
While they do not make you high and euphoric, the right kind of food can generally help uplift your mood and improve emotional well-being. -The Star/ANN
[24 Apr 2016]
Six signs that show you need a break from your smartphone right now. -Her World
[22 Apr 2016]
30 in local study will also visit museums and be tracked for improvements in cognition. -The Straits Times
[09 Apr 2016]