When it comes to leading a happy and fulfilled life, attitudes are more important than circumstances.

This is the core message of the first self-help manual,...

[27 Aug 2015]
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Some people seem to lack the capacity to feel joy, sorrow or love. David Robson discovers the challenges and surprising advantages of "alexithymia". -BBC Future
[24 Aug 2015]
They are not aware that their condition can be treated in hospital. -The Star/ANN
[21 Aug 2015]
Option for patients who do not respond well to medication. -ST
[12 Aug 2015]
A diet rich in green leafy vegetables, beans, berries, whole grains and wine can help to slow normal brain ageing and cognitive decline. -Reuters
[06 Aug 2015]
Rate is even higher for those aged 60 to 69, where men account for eight in 10 such deaths. -ST
[29 Jul 2015]
IMH para-counsellor finds motivation in call for help. -TNP
[22 Jul 2015]
The therapy is based on the notion that thought and behaviour can influence symptoms and disability. -ST
[16 Jul 2015]
A music therapist shares stories of two of her clients and muses on the bonds that form when people make music together. -ST
[06 Jul 2015]
What is interesting is how our emotional state seems to be linked to our gadgets. -The Star/ANN
[04 Jul 2015]