SINGAPORE - My older daughter dreads the wet season and it's not because it keeps her indoors.

She knows that the cold spell from the rain quite often...

[16 Sep 2014]
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Researchers have studied seasonal variations among suicides for centuries, with rates peaking in the spring. -Reuters
[14 Sep 2014]
A helpline for senior citizens and their caregivers has been used by almost 9,700 callers since it began test operations in July. -ST
[13 Sep 2014]
Online counselling service is useful in reaching out to the tech-savvy, experts say. -ST
[12 Sep 2014]
Those bullied by brothers or sisters were more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety and self-harm than those who weren't bullied. -Reuters
[09 Sep 2014]
More than 800,000 people each year worldwide commit suicide - around one person every 40 seconds - with many using poisoning, hanging or shooting to end their own...
[04 Sep 2014]
One person commits suicide every 40 seconds, an avoidable tragedy that fails to grab attention because of taboos and stigma, a UN report said Thursday. -AFP
[04 Sep 2014]
Patients are able to live normal lives, but their brains are found to be similar to those of dementia patients. -China Post/ANN
[02 Sep 2014]
A high-profile 2013 study that concluded that different kinds of happiness are associated with dramatically different patterns of gene activity is fatally flawed. -...
[29 Aug 2014]
The court ruled that the operator is responsible for the suicide of a woman who became depressed after the accident and it must pay $590,000 in compensation. -Reuters
[26 Aug 2014]
Why? Why do some people choose death over life, especially young people? -PDI/ANN
[24 Aug 2014]