Four times as many younger people were diagnosed with dementia last year than in 2011, the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI) revealed yesterday.

It had 27...

[06 Feb 2016]
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What can I do to be less reliant on steroids? Also, what kind of moisturiser would be the most suitable? -The Straits Times
[05 Feb 2016]
The goal going forward is to follow these children and see who among the high risk group goes on to develop depression, tracking changes in their brain function along...
[04 Feb 2016]
Feelings of hopelessness and an inability to enjoy one's usual activities are hallmarks of depression. -TNP
[01 Feb 2016]
True love involves loving, kindness and compassion. -ST
[30 Jan 2016]
Seniors also try mindfulness therapy, music reminiscence in new programme to fight dementia. -The Straits Times
[30 Jan 2016]
A brain scan study by a South Korean psychiatrist found specific changes in key circuits that process fear in the brains of Korean adults who were exposed to domestic...
[29 Jan 2016]
Variants of a gene which influences connections between brain cells can increase schizophrenia risk, scientists said . -AFP
[28 Jan 2016]
Avoidance of psychiatric treatment and alcohol abuse are significantly linked to South Korea's high suicide rate, a government report showed on Wednesday. -The Korea...
[28 Jan 2016]
Scientists in China have engineered monkeys with a human autism gene and symptoms, in the hopes of unlocking a treatment for the debilitating but little-understood...
[26 Jan 2016]
More troubled Malaysians, especially Gen Y-ers, reaching out for help when they believe there is no other way but to end their own life. -The Star/ANN
[17 Jan 2016]