Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease isn't easy under the best of circumstances, but it may be much more stressful for spouses and people who suffer from...

[05 Oct 2015]
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Helpline originally for patients discharged from IMH and their caregivers open to public since October last year. -ST
[05 Oct 2015]
Engineering student trains in the sport to develop physical strength and mental agility. ST
[01 Oct 2015]
Being open-minded can help you to gain a better understanding of people, the world - and yourself. -ST
[24 Sep 2015]
Greater awareness is key in saving and reclaiming lives and preventing such tragedies. -TNP
[23 Sep 2015]
The relationship between bullying and suicidal thoughts is something of a "chicken and egg" problem. -Reuters
[19 Sep 2015]
Local TV actress Eelyn Kok was so down she locked herself in her room for six months. Now, she wants to help others facing the same plight. -ST
[19 Sep 2015]
Dementia is a progressive brain disorder, but there are ways that caregivers can help. -ST
[17 Sep 2015]
But this did not mean that Alzheimer's was contagious, the study authors and independent commentators stressed. -AFP
[10 Sep 2015]
Events do not disturb people - their judgments about them do. -ST
[09 Sep 2015]
Obsessive compulsive disorder is a brain disorder that affects information processing. -ST
[03 Sep 2015]