JAKARTA - Parepare city in South Sulawesi faces an increasing number of people with mental illnesses on its streets.

The city has received the Adipura...

[24 Apr 2014]
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When she did not play a piece perfectly, she said her mother and her music teacher would slap her. -TNP
[23 Apr 2014]
Parents need to talk to their children to find out what's happening, to aid them in coping in the army. -TNP
[23 Apr 2014]
NSman with autism was forced onto the verge of suicide due to constant bullying by his peers and superior in the army. -TNP
[23 Apr 2014]
A woman who has been living in turmoil for 20 years talks about her life. -TNP
[22 Apr 2014]
Started by grieving parents, Child Bereavement Support Singapore is a group helping those who have had similar tragedies. -ST
[22 Apr 2014]
Advocate for the mentally ill helped late wife to battle disease for 40 years. -ST
[22 Apr 2014]
The Central Statistics Agency said that it had applied different parameters, and there were unique standards that were not relevant to other countries. -Jakarta Post/...
[21 Apr 2014]
Indonesia scored 65.11 per cent on a scale of 100 on the the Central Statistics Agency's "Happiness Index". -Jakarta Post/ANN
[21 Apr 2014]
Young men with schizophrenia need not be exempted from full-time NS, say a psychiatrist and a young woman who has struggled with schizophrenia. -ST
[20 Apr 2014]
The key question should be how we can better accommodate and support people with mental health problems who are enlisted for national service. -ST
[20 Apr 2014]