SINGAPORE - Her hearing isn't great, and her legs are weakening too.

She doesn't have much appetite either, often finishing only a small portion of her meals...

[27 Jul 2014]
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Former drug abusers must have the resolve to turn over a new leaf before others can help them do so. -TNP
[20 Jul 2014]
In the song, K-pop idol Hyomin sings about going on a diet and enduring pain to achieve a nice body so that she can get the guy she wants. -TNP
[16 Jul 2014]
Would a young girl be inspired to starve herself to look especially slim, which is what Hyomin advocates in Nice Body? -TNP
[16 Jul 2014]
Loretta Chen contemplated suicide following the death of her partner, who had taken her own life. -TNP
[16 Jul 2014]
Pornography triggers brain activity in sex addicts similar to the effect drugs have on the brains of drug addicts - but that doesn't necessarily mean porn is addictive...
[14 Jul 2014]
The government has taken various measures to reduce the suicide rate, setting up hotlines, providing counselling and installing anti-suicide monitors on bridges. -AFP
[14 Jul 2014]
Feeling cynical and hostile toward others may double the risk of having a stroke in middle-aged and older adults, according to a study. -AFP
[11 Jul 2014]
Suicide is a major public health issue across the world. It is the cause of 800,000 premature deaths globally, according to latest statistics. -China Daily/ANN
[09 Jul 2014]
South Korea's suicide rate remained the highest among OECD countries. -Korea Herald/ANN
[03 Jul 2014]
Ismail Ibrahim said his sister was locked up because she was suffering from chronic mental problems. -The Star/ANN
[02 Jul 2014]