Music opens many doors. Very often, once the music is played, there is a shift in the energy. A sullen or indifferent face becomes interested and animated, a flat...

[06 Jul 2015]
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What is interesting is how our emotional state seems to be linked to our gadgets. -The Star/ANN
[04 Jul 2015]
The ACP lays out six strategies for bringing mental health and substance abuse care into primary care to better treat each patient as "a whole person." -Reuters
[03 Jul 2015]
Mr Ong had a history of mental illness and had been admitted to the Institute of Mental Health several times. -TNP
[02 Jul 2015]
6 ways to safeguard your sex life without popping the pill. -Men's Health
[28 Jun 2015]
The message we get from love songs, rom-coms and glossy magazines is that passion and romance ought to be bliss. -MYB, ST
[27 Jun 2015]

Teens with chronic health problems are less likely to complete high school or college or find high-paying jobs as adults, particularly if they suffered from mental...

[23 Jun 2015]
Woo woo aside, Wisdom conference on mindfulness leaves a feel-good afterglow. -ST
[22 Jun 2015]
Can a high IQ be a burden rather than a boon? David Robson investigates. -BBC Future
[16 Jun 2015]
Family support is crucial for a child who has undergone abuse as it is akin to a betrayal of trust. -The Star/ANN
[08 Jun 2015]
People who are overly sensitive or not sensitive enough to stimuli can act in ways that are problematic, so hospitals have dedicated rooms for therapy. -MYB, ST
[07 Jun 2015]