'Reckless' drug habit led to death

SINGAPORE - On the surface, she was a 39-year-old widow who lived alone.

But deep down, Ms Sheila Goh Wei Ling was mentally ill and had a dangerous habit of...

[27 Feb 2015]
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40% of dementia patients in Korea given care by spouse
Of the 360 dementia patients who were surveyed last year from June to August, 39 per cent were being looked after by their wives or husbands, while 23.6 were cared for...
[25 Feb 2015]
Clinically depressed 3 times more likely to commit violent crime
Depression is one of the most common forms of mental illness, affecting more than 350 million people worldwide. -Reuters
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CNY stress: When you have lost that festive feeling
Crises and emotional trials need not be a burden this holiday. Experts share some coping skills -MYB, ST
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Eating placentas? US moms swear by health benefits
Health trends come and go, but one post-birth fad is gaining a foothold in the United States among some new mothers who extol the benefits of eating their own...
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Dear Thelma: 'Am I going crazy?'
30-year-old woman feels the whole world is against her. -The Star/ANN
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9 in 10 bulimia patients are women: report
The statistics may be linked with the country's strong emphasis on young women's personal appearance . -Korea Herald/ANN
[10 Feb 2015]
Couple who lost son to depression turn grief into hope for others
In October 2012, they set up (OTR), a non-profit foundation that aims to promote youth mental wellness. -TNP
[08 Feb 2015]
Many nurses suffer from stress
This in turn affects the delivery of their service to patients, and is also linked to work-related accidents and injuries. -The Nation/ANN
[06 Feb 2015]
Doctor: Self-control your selfies
Dr Mohanraj explained that in some western countries, excessive selfies have shown strong association with narcissistic personalities and also body image disorders. -...
[03 Feb 2015]
Surviving work stress
Learning to deal with such pressure can stave off serious health problems. -MYB, ST
[02 Feb 2015]