SINGAPORE - When Chloe Mah was just six months old, she was diagnosed with Pompe disease.

It is an incurable genetic condition that causes progressive muscle...

[25 Nov 2014]
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Paediatric surgeon Joyce Chua tells Joan Chew the young are better at overcoming major illnesses than adults. -ST
[08 Nov 2014]
Teresa Romero, 44, overcame the deadly virus after becoming the first known person to catch Ebola outside West Africa in the current outbreak, which has so far killed...
[06 Nov 2014]
She must rely on lifelong medication to replace the role of hormones. -TNP
[03 Nov 2014]
Corporate trainer Melissa Lim told herself she could overcome her brain tumour as long as it was benign. -MYB, ST
[01 Nov 2014]
She faced the possibility of amputating her entire leg to keep the cancer from spreading to other parts of her body. -AsiaOne
[31 Oct 2014]
At 26, Kenny Tay had two thriving businesses, a fiancee, and everything going for him - until the day he found out he had colorectal cancer. Find out how he survived...
[22 Oct 2014]
He wanted to donate his liver to his daughter, five, who was suffering from liver failure. But doctors said he could not do it unless he lost weight. -TNP
[04 Oct 2014]
The toddler is now a happy and healthy child. -TNP
[04 Oct 2014]
Mr Chee posted two videos on his Facebook page on Wednesday evening. -ST
[25 Sep 2014]
She once used to suffer from bulimia in primary school, but now has become an inspiration to many others by overcoming the many challenges she faced through the years...
[22 Sep 2014]