There are much better role models out there, but it seems that Claire Leeson is so enamoured by Kim Kardashian that she wants to look just like the reality TV star...

[19 Jul 2014]
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Her twin sister died in 2011. Now part-time student is in intensive care. Her mum says: -TNP
[18 Jul 2014]
Endurance sports enthusiast Goh J-Ing tells Joyce Teo she enjoys helping others through her passion. -MYB
[17 Jul 2014]
Radio DJ Fiza O panicked when her morning sickness went away, reminding her of her last miscarriage. -TNP
[17 Jul 2014]
Tessa Evans, now 17 months old, was born with congential arhinia - meaning that her nose never developed in the womb. -YourHealth
[16 Jul 2014]
Dr Gayathri headed to Phortse and two other villages in May 2012 to provide basic medical care to the people there. -TNP
[16 Jul 2014]
The team's next project is to build a burns and reconstruction unit that will be manned with surgeons from SGH, Harvard University and the Angkor Hospital for Children...
[16 Jul 2014]
A former agricultural labourer born in a runaway slave community stating he was born 126 years ago. -Reuters
[16 Jul 2014]
Dr Iain Tan wears two rather big hats: He is both a research scientist and a medical doctor. -ST
[12 Jul 2014]
The 40-year-old had shed about 32kg in a span of 10 months. -TNP
[12 Jul 2014]
This insurance head honcho did not exercise for 20 years. But realising that "health is wealth" helped him kick-start his fitness routine. -MYB
[10 Jul 2014]