SINGAPORE - Mr Chee, who began pool-based physiotherapy in September last year, nine months after the December 2012 accident, posted two videos on his Facebook page...

[25 Sep 2014]
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She once used to suffer from bulimia in primary school, but now has become an inspiration to many others by overcoming the many challenges she faced through the years...
[22 Sep 2014]
The actress believes that once you get the basics right, you don’t have to do a lot to maintain good health and skin. -Simply Her
[22 Sep 2014]
Taiwanese personality Chen Meifen got fans and netizens' jaws dropping when she posted a photo of herself in a sizzling hot-pink bikini. -Lollipop
[20 Sep 2014]
Fairland Scot Ferguson tells Joan Chew that despite breaking 46 bones in her body in an accident when she was 20, she is now a stunt rider. -MYB
[20 Sep 2014]
To care for her in 5-room Bedok flat, he hires 2 nurses, 2 maids, a nanny and driver. -TNP
[20 Sep 2014]
It was a near brush with death that got this man into the business of giving people the chance to drive their dream cars. -TNP
[16 Sep 2014]
Mr Azariah Tan, 23, may only have 15 per cent of his hearing left. Yet he has a music degree and is doing PhD. -TNP
[16 Sep 2014]
Dr Chong Poh Heng was inspired by five-year-old with cancer to specialise in looking after children with life-threatening illnesses. -ST
[16 Sep 2014]
For cancer survivor Ahmad Nazri Hamzah, losing a leg has only spurred him to go the extra mile. -The Star/ANN
[14 Sep 2014]
Cardiologist Lee Yian Ping tells why Joan Chew the heart is like a four-room HDB flat. -MYB
[14 Sep 2014]