When he became a boxing coach, he was laughed at and called an "under block coach".

This was because Mr Kumaraesaperumal Naidu, 22, held his training sessions...

[06 May 2015]
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The child became an online sensation after a video of him dancing on his hospital bed when viral in February. -TNP
[03 May 2015]
France's 2nd artificial heart recipient says 'recovered'
The transplant is part of a key trial for a much talked-about artificial heart created by French firm Carmat. -AFP
[05 Apr 2015]
Cancer patient beats overwhelming odds
Cancer patient Chelsea Cindion Dominic, 16, beat cancer and scored six A's and two B's in her SPM exams. -The Star/ANN
[04 Mar 2015]
Hubby's gift of a kidney
Joan Chew meets the couple behind NUH's most challenging kidney transplant last year. -MYB, ST
[14 Feb 2015]
A perfect understanding
According to the most recent report by the Singapore Health Promotion Board released last July, there were 10,817 diagnosed cancer cases in 2009, but the figure rose...
[09 Feb 2015]
Malaysian blogger surprised doctor by having colon cancer at 27
Two personalities share their encounters with cancer as The New Paper marks World Cancer Day, which fell on Wednesday. -TNP
[08 Feb 2015]
Pioneer heart patient thanks doc - 50 years on
Madam Maureen Lim Gek Lian surprised about an article about her for being the first three open-heart surgery patients. -ST
[03 Feb 2015]
Running on despite diabetes
Being diagnosed with the disease at 32 did not stop prison officer Eddie Tan from completing an Ironman event. -MYB
[13 Dec 2014]
Beauty queen's struggle with hair loss, depression
Marion Nicole Teo writes book to tell how she battled health woes and insecurity. -ST
[08 Dec 2014]
Girl given one year to live celebrates 5th birthday
The frail little girl overcame the odds and celebrated her fifth birthday earlier this month. -TNP
[25 Nov 2014]