When we first met in May this year, Madam Doan, 38, came in a wheelchair accompanied by several family members from Vietnam.

I could see only her eyes as she...

[05 Aug 2015]
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His family never imagined he would choose nursing as a profession. -TNP
[02 Aug 2015]
He has had to inject himself with insulin four times a day for the past 20 years. -TNP
[02 Aug 2015]
Man had given up on life after being diagnosed with end-stage lung cancer. But trial drug shrinks his cancerous cells. -TNP
[30 Jul 2015]
He was born with a hole in the heart and a missing heart valve. -ST
[30 Jul 2015]
A healthy lifestyle is still the best way to avoid an attack, says cardiologist Paul Chiam. -ST
[23 Jul 2015]
With her graduation from university, doctor is closer to joining Doctors Without Borders. -TNP
[15 Jul 2015]
Dr Ernest Wang, neurosurgeon with the Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital. -TNP
[14 Jul 2015]
Cancer survivor says boxing helped get him back on his feet. -TNP
[06 May 2015]
The child became an online sensation after a video of him dancing on his hospital bed when viral in February. -TNP
[03 May 2015]
France's 2nd artificial heart recipient says 'recovered'
The transplant is part of a key trial for a much talked-about artificial heart created by French firm Carmat. -AFP
[05 Apr 2015]