CHINA - A recurring brain tumour didn't keep Feng Ying from finding the love of her life, and the optimistic couple is looking to a future with options, they tell Qi...

[22 Apr 2014]
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If her doctors had been right, she would have died four years ago, after her lungs collapsed and she had been in a coma for two weeks. -TNP
[18 Apr 2014]
Find out whether it is true that breastfeeding is nature's contraception and whether a visit to the gynaecologist always means clambering into stirrups. -TNP
[10 Apr 2014]
Granny who was almost blind has sight restored by eye specialist and a 'village'. -TNP
[10 Apr 2014]
Pan found out that she had Stage 1 breast cancer in March last year and underwent a partial mastectomy followed by breast reconstruction surgery. -TNP
[07 Apr 2014]
Dragon-boater Jimmy Chan tells Joan Chew how he has no desire for a cochlear implant despite being hearing-impaired. -MYB
[06 Apr 2014]
She was diagnosed with endometriosis in her teens, when her general practitioner found her abdomen to be abnormally hard and sent her to a hospital for tests. -MYB
[05 Apr 2014]
Neuropsychologist Catherine Cox explains why psychological tests can sometimes be more sensitive than brain scans. -MYB
[29 Mar 2014]
Besides eating healthily, stunt performer Muhammat Faizal Rizali works out every part of his body every week. -MYB
[27 Mar 2014]
For sole breadwinner Lai Peng Nan, being able to get food and medicine may not be enough to ease his worries. -TNP
[26 Mar 2014]
Once ashamed of having chronic schizophrenia, this man now wants to help other mentally ill patients. -TNP
[19 Mar 2014]