NEW YORK - The world's oldest living person, the daughter of sharecroppers and granddaughter of slaves, celebrated her 116th birthday on Monday in New York.


[07 Jul 2015]
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Assessment will include questionnaire on medical history, mobility and physical tests. -ST
[04 Jul 2015]
Year-long scheme seeks to check problem by referring at-risk old folk to experts early -ST
[03 Jul 2015]
According to defence documents, Madam Pooja's condition was caused by the complication "amniotic fluid embolism". -My Paper
[18 Jun 2015]
A young South African man who had the world's first successful penis transplant last December has impregnated his girlfriend. -Reuters
[14 Jun 2015]
I confess that if I encounter a child who has been labelled as having a drug allergy, I will often inquire in detail. -MYB, ST
[14 Jun 2015]
Dr Kale pointed out that only about 2 per cent of women suffer from repeated miscarriages. -MYB, ST
[14 Jun 2015]
Trying to conceive, but don't know what advice you should be following? We debunk some common misconceptions about fertility. -Her World
[13 Jun 2015]
Mr Alan Parke, who is from Ireland, had to undergo surgery and have his penis put in a sling after it snapped while having sex with his girlfriend. -TNP
[12 Jun 2015]
The surgery started at 10:20 am and lasted about five hours. -China Daily/ANN
[10 Jun 2015]
Understanding the various types of milk available can help you make the appropriate choice. -The Star/ANN
[08 Jun 2015]