ISLAMABAD - Parents having more faith in archaic notions than in modern healthcare refused polio vaccines to 129 children on the first day of the reinvigorated anti-...

[01 Oct 2014]
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Couple with Down syndrome daughter open up about their struggles in caring for her. - TNP
[01 Oct 2014]
The 300-page guide, titled Ageing With Grace: The Complete Caregiver's Guide, compiles information and advice provided by 40 health-care professionals from various...
[01 Oct 2014]
The birth is good news for patients with monogenic diseases, as they can expect to have offspring that won't be born with their disorders. -China Daily/ANN
[29 Sep 2014]
Teens' perceptions of how sexually active their peers are may have the greatest impact on their own sexual behaviour, suggests a new analysis of previous studies. -...
[25 Sep 2014]
Young men often run into difficulties when they attempt to buy the morning-after pill for their partners, a new study suggests. -Reuters
[24 Sep 2014]
Iron intake during pregnancy might be associated with autism risk in the infant, a new study suggests. -Reuters
[24 Sep 2014]
Water damage in living rooms or children’s bedrooms could be associated with worse eczema in children. -Reuters
[22 Sep 2014]
If your mother told you to eat your carrots so you’d be able to see in the dark, she was right. -Reuters
[22 Sep 2014]
Wheelchair services are available to all passengers. Passengers may request these services at the time of flight booking or at check-in. -ST
[22 Sep 2014]
The problems facing older people aren't just related to health and loneliness. -China Daily/ANN
[21 Sep 2014]