Products for kids with itchy skin that are labelled hypoallergenic often contain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions, a recent study found.

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[22 Nov 2014]
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About 100 men have signed up to be tortured. -Reuters
[21 Nov 2014]
Five-year-old Jaden Wilson was diagnosed with Grade 4 brain stem tumour last September, which gave him about a year to live. -ST
[20 Nov 2014]
Pregnant woman devastated when she finds out 'baby' is actually rare cancer. -TNP
[18 Nov 2014]
One in 3,000 pregnant women gets breast cancer -TNP
[18 Nov 2014]
The pregnancy meant former MediaCorp radio DJ Kate Reyes had to delay treatment until she had safely given birth to the baby boy in 2012. -TNP
[17 Nov 2014]
India's opposition Congress leader Rahul Gandhi demanded Saturday a "thorough probe" into the deaths of 13 women undergoing sterilisation surgery. -AFP
[15 Nov 2014]
Tablets linked to the deaths of more than a dozen women who visited a sterilisation camp in eastern India are likely to have contained a chemical compound commonly...
[15 Nov 2014]
There is a greater fear of needles and a lower threshold for pain among children. -MYB, ST
[15 Nov 2014]
A heartbreaking video of a man singing a Beatles song to his dying newborn baby, after the mother passed away during labour, has gone viral online. -AFP
[14 Nov 2014]
Tainted or sub-standard drugs probably led to the deaths of 13 Indian women after sterilization surgery at a family-planning "camp". -Reuters
[14 Nov 2014]