What you do and eat during pregnancy affects your unborn child's development. Here are 15 ways to give your baby a head start.


[17 Apr 2015]
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Tru has had a healthy life and has never been hospitalised for serious illnesses. -Viet Nam News
[24 Apr 2015]
For reversible long-term contraception, the copper IUD, hormonal Mirena IUD and hormonal Implanon rod inserted under the skin of the arm are the most effective, with...
[24 Apr 2015]
Whether it is cause or effect is unclear, but high morale seems to go along with a longer life, according to a new Scandinavian study. -Reuters
[24 Apr 2015]
A study found that 18 of the 20 brain regions active in adults experiencing pain were also active in babies. -Reuters
[21 Apr 2015]
Lien Foundation spending over $2m on machines for homes, eldercare centres -ST
[18 Apr 2015]
A Houston woman gave birth to five girls in four minutes by cesarean section last week and all are doing well, a Texas hospital said. -Reuters
[17 Apr 2015]
Madalina Neagu, 42, had a swollen abdomen that resembled the belly of a woman who is nine months pregnant. -AsiaOne
[16 Apr 2015]
In tests on mice, researchers were able to block the process with a small-molecule drug to prevent brain plaques and memory loss. -AFP
[15 Apr 2015]
They buy machines to reduce errors, adopt IT 'cloud' system to save space -ST
[15 Apr 2015]
There is a very grave danger that proponents of euthanasia will seek to justify terminal sedation for those who are dying and in great pain. -ST
[14 Apr 2015]