SINGAPORE - Because of peer pressure, she was determined to shed her pregnancy pounds as quickly as she could.

The extra weight made her feel insecure,...

[23 Jul 2014]
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Allegations by villagers of the crude attempts by local officials to cover up the health effects of the environmental damage in Dapu by offering milk for medical...
[22 Jul 2014]
The only other countries where the technique is permitted and available are the United States and South Africa - in both cases at a higher financial cost. -Reuters
[22 Jul 2014]
Being pregnant is no excuse for another trip to the buffet spread, as Eveline Gan finds out from mums who gained more than just a baby. -Young Parents
[22 Jul 2014]
Today, between 5,000 and 6,000 people receive three types of palliative care in the community. -MYB
[20 Jul 2014]
Two friends hope to set up Singapore's first disabled-friendly gym. -ST
[19 Jul 2014]
As a family doctor trained in community geriatrics and a public health researcher in ageing, I often get asked by seniors: What is the secret to ageing well? -ST
[19 Jul 2014]
More patients are asked to take part in advance care planning, which empowers others to make medical decisions for them should they be unable to do so themselves. -MYB
[17 Jul 2014]
Have you thought about your own death? Specifically, how you would like to be cared for as you approach the end of your tether. -MYB
[17 Jul 2014]
Radio DJ Fiza O panicked when her morning sickness went away, reminding her of her last miscarriage. -TNP
[17 Jul 2014]
To make sure it would be a boy, parent paid S$11,176 and flew to Thailand, where gender selection treatment is available and breaks no law. -Reuters
[16 Jul 2014]