When nerves in the legs and feet are damaged from diabetes, people often have trouble on stairs, but a new report suggests exercise might help lower their risk of...

[29 Oct 2014]
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They had to make regular trips to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as Voasha was treated for seven months there. -The Star/ANN
[28 Oct 2014]
Scandals spark plans to ban commercial surrogacy, leaving mums, babies in limbo. -ST
[28 Oct 2014]
Taliban militants have long been the scourge of Pakistan's polio vaccination campaign, attacking aid workers and the police who protect them as they distribute doses...
[27 Oct 2014]
Bioactive ingredients found in cocoa sharply reversed age-related memory decline in a group of volunteers, scientists reported on Sunday. -AFP
[27 Oct 2014]
Scientists in Denmark said Sunday they had found genetic clues to explain why a small number of children have febrile seizures - brief convulsions - after receiving...
[27 Oct 2014]
Singapore's new ban on junk-food ads, which takes effect in January, is part of efforts to battle the bulge in children. -ST
[26 Oct 2014]
Psychological cruelty to children from parents or caregivers can cause as much - or even more - emotional damage than physical and sexual abuse, according to a new US...
[25 Oct 2014]
A doctor at Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, has declared publicly that pregnancy cannot be determined by feeling a woman's pulse. - China Daily/ANN
[16 Oct 2014]
The 25-year-old man returns to visit doctors and nurses who helped in his birth. -ST
[16 Oct 2014]
Conjoined 6-month-old twin girls will begin to undergo tissue expansion this month. -Reuters
[13 Oct 2014]