SINGAPORE - Taking advantage of the capabilities of today's smartphones, a mobile app could soon give caregivers a way of tracking old-age problems, such as dementia...

[15 Apr 2014]
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Elderly patients with fall injuries make up nearly half the cases, hospital figures show. -ST
[15 Apr 2014]
Sang Lan, 33, became paraplegic after a serious injury on July 22, 1998, when performing a vault at the fourth Goodwill Games in the United States. -China Daily/ANN
[14 Apr 2014]
Successful tests have been conducted on four women with missing or abnormal vaginas. -Reuters
[14 Apr 2014]
Due to their inexperience, first-time mothers may not realise it when their water bags break. -TNP
[14 Apr 2014]
A molar pregnancy is a noncancerous (benign) tumour that develops in the uterus. -TNP
[14 Apr 2014]
Joyce Teo finds out what the elderly can do to prepare for a flight and when they should not fly. -MYB
[13 Apr 2014]
But the risk of an outbreak here is low, said the MOH. -ST, YourHealth
[12 Apr 2014]
The 75-year-old can be assured that should an accident happen at home again, help will arrive. -TNP
[10 Apr 2014]
This simple practice of skin-to-skin contact is known as "kangaroo care" and started in Colombia more than 30 years ago due to a shortage of incubators. -AFP
[10 Apr 2014]
Find out whether it is true that breastfeeding is nature's contraception and whether a visit to the gynaecologist always means clambering into stirrups. -TNP
[10 Apr 2014]