A new review confirms that smoking has bad effects on a man's semen.

Using the most up-to-date definition of abnormal sperm from the World Health Organisation...

[30 Apr 2016]
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The sense of touch is one of the most important senses for human beings.

[26 Apr 2016]
The symptoms include rashes, irritability, muscle twitches and seizures, fever and diarrhoea, said Asid. In severe cases, it can cause hepatitis or encephalitis. -ST
[24 Apr 2016]
Compared to toddlers who crave salty foods, little ones who mindlessly snack on cookies and cake may be more likely to wind up overweight, a US study suggests. -Reuters
[20 Apr 2016]
Japan is a global frontrunner in confronting dementia, the cost of which has been put at 1 per cent of world GDP. -Reuters
[16 Apr 2016]
Although most babies with eczema do not have food allergy, this is a common question and many babies are brought in by their parents to check if they have such...
[05 Apr 2016]
Many S'pore mothers' whole grain intake falls far below the ideal amount: A*Star study. -ST
[05 Apr 2016]
They work by stopping a woman's egg from fully developing each month. -The Star/ANN
[04 Apr 2016]
Smoking might contribute to certain birth defects. -Reuters
[01 Apr 2016]
Babies in the study were much less likely to get ear infections if they were breastfed and if they received vaccines. -Reuters
[29 Mar 2016]
Women confirmed to have Zika or who have its symptoms should wait at least eight weeks after the illness first appears before trying to become pregnant. -AFP
[26 Mar 2016]