Local singer Daphne Khoo keeps ovary despite being advised to remove it

Women all over the world applauded Hollywood star Angelina Jolie earlier this week for taking charge of her health and...

[29 Mar 2015]
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Build oral-care habits from young
Get a head start on your child's dental health with these tips. -MYB, ST
[27 Mar 2015]
Kids exposure to secondhand smoke tied to clogged arteries
These findings and others suggest the health effects of passive smoking on children are not limited to respiratory or developmental health, but can have a long-term...
[25 Mar 2015]
The myth about eggs, peanut-based snacks
Some parents fear giving babies such foods at early age may cause allergies. -ST
[24 Mar 2015]
Free fitness programme for seniors
They can get fit with aid from trained volunteers in Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC -ST
[23 Mar 2015]
Hot flashes, night sweats may linger well into a woman's sixties
A significant proportion of women aged 60 to 65 were still having menopausal hot flashes and night sweats in a new Australian study. -Reuters
[19 Mar 2015]
Breastfeeding leads to higher IQ, earnings later: Study
Critically, the socioeconomic status of mothers appeared to have little impact on breastfeeding results. -AFP
[18 Mar 2015]
Premature baby revived by parents' embrace turns 5 years old
Jamie and Emily Ogg were born prematurely at 26 weeks to Australian couple Kate and David Ogg on March 25, 2010. -AsiaOne
[18 Mar 2015]
Happiness is... having a baby
Vet-turned-embryologist Liow Swee Lian finds his calling in helping couples to conceive -ST
[17 Mar 2015]
Singaporeans pack JB nursing homes
Homes expanding to meet demand as families send chronic sick and old folk there. -ST
[16 Mar 2015]
Acting for loved one to be simplified
Singapore is going to make it less costly and less tedious for family members of a person with, say, dementia to get the legal right to make financial and other...
[15 Mar 2015]