A woman who intended to keep her virginity until her wedding night "lost" it at a premarital check-up, Guangzhou Daily reported on Sunday.

Wang, a 22-year-old...

[25 May 2015]
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The three boys and one girl were born premature at 26 weeks in a Berlin hospital but have "good chances of surviving," the report said. -AFP
[24 May 2015]
With longer life expectancy, more elderly Singaporeans are discovering to their dismay that their vocal cords are wearing out before they do. -MYB/ST
[23 May 2015]
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[22 May 2015]
How to get through eight common problems after giving birth. -Young Parents
[22 May 2015]
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[21 May 2015]
Now 21 years old, the men are still dependent on their mother to take care of their daily needs. -AsiaOne
[18 May 2015]
Despite his unusual beginnings, Samuel Lee, 32, says he’s just an average Singaporean. -ST
[18 May 2015]
Don't rush to put on that condom. Plus, 7 other lifestyle changes you need to make right now. -Men's Health
[15 May 2015]
The evidence comes from a major project in Norway called the Oslo Study. -AFP
[15 May 2015]
Find out if your PMS is normal... or abnormal. -SHAPE Singapore
[12 May 2015]