Autism risk linked to particulate air pollution

Children whose mothers were exposed to high levels of fine particulate pollution in late pregnancy have up to twice the risk of developing autism as children of...

[19 Dec 2014]
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People who feel younger may live longer
Everyone dies, but a new study says feeling sprightly might suggest a person has more time left than people who feel their age or older. -Reuters
[16 Dec 2014]
Dying woman who refused cancer treatment to save unborn child sparks debate in China
Qiu Yuanyuan died on Wednesday aged 26, 100 days after giving birth to her child - a special occasion in Chinese culture. -AFP
[12 Dec 2014]
'Significant' link between pre-eclampsia, autism
Children born to women who suffered a high-blood pressure condition called pre-eclampsia during pregnancy are twice as likely to have autism or other developmental...
[09 Dec 2014]
Rare conjoined twins die at Georgia hospital a day after birth
The birth of the twins was a medical rarity, as many such babies do not survive delivery. -Reuters
[08 Dec 2014]
FDA changes labeling for drugs used during pregnancy, lactation
The US Food and Drug Administration changed the rules governing how prescription drugs and biologics used during pregnancy and breastfeeding are labelled. -Reuters
[04 Dec 2014]
New mums, avoid these diet traps
It is easy to eat unhealthily when you are a new mum - you are exhausted, always in a hurry and constantly hungry. -Young Parents
[04 Dec 2014]
Giving birth better at home than at hospital
Women are better giving birth at home or in midwife centres than in hospital, where doctors are more likely to perform interventions such as caesareans. -AFP
[03 Dec 2014]
Exercise may prevent excess weight gain during pregnancy
Moderate exercise is encouraged during pregnancy for plenty of reasons, but it may also help women avoid gaining too much weight, say UK researchers. -Reuters
[28 Nov 2014]
UK court to rule on landmark 'pregnancy crime' case
A local authority is applying to the government's criminal compensation authority for damages on behalf of a seven-year-old girl in its care who has severe alcohol-...
[27 Nov 2014]
Dying for sex
At least 11 men have died and more than 300 suffered nasty reactions after taking illegal sex drugs over the past six years. -ST
[25 Nov 2014]