It is a hard truth and an inevitable one: Our brains are bound to shrink as we age.

This is a change often linked to poor memory and the onset of cognitive...

[27 Aug 2014]
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We were advised by our doctor to screen for gene disorders or to do a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). Will doing this test reduce my chances of miscarriage...
[24 Aug 2014]
Screen time may be unavoidable today but parents have the power to manage their children’s exposure to tablets, TVs and computers. -MYB
[21 Aug 2014]
The latest study involved 128 single mothers and 1,510 married mothers – culled from the nationwide Singapore Mental Health Study. -MYB
[21 Aug 2014]
Ketchup maker H.J. Heinz Co has recalled some infant food in eastern China after it was found to contain lead in excess of the allowable limit. -Reuters
[20 Aug 2014]
Academics, social workers say many in need still fall through the cracks. -ST
[20 Aug 2014]
Heinz has recalled some infant food products in China after a local watchdog said they contained excessive levels of lead. -Reuters
[20 Aug 2014]
Bangkok a popular place for desperate couples who want to start a family. -ST
[12 Aug 2014]
Girls aged 9 to 14 in Singapore can opt for a easier implementation schedule for human papillomavirus vaccination. -YourHealth, AsiaOne
[12 Aug 2014]
While many doctors would advise pregnant women to avoid alcohol as heavy drinking can cause birth defects, their views on other drinks like coffee are less consistent...
[11 Aug 2014]
Since he was an infant, Zhang Yaodong of Gansu province has been dealing with physicians for his eye disease. -China Daily/ANN
[08 Aug 2014]