SINGAPORE - There is hardly any respite for teacher Annette Chan after an eight-hour workday juggling work commitments.

After returning home, she not only has...

[23 Apr 2014]
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When she did not play a piece perfectly, she said her mother and her music teacher would slap her. -TNP
[23 Apr 2014]
Parents need to talk to their children to find out what's happening, to aid them in coping in the army. -TNP
[23 Apr 2014]
NSman with autism was forced onto the verge of suicide due to constant bullying by his peers and superior in the army. -TNP
[23 Apr 2014]
Direct relationship between low vitamin D levels in mothers and higher numbers of cavities in their toddlers: Study. -Reuters
[22 Apr 2014]
Little Belle was born with one of the rarest heart problems in the world - her heart pumped oxygen-depleted blood to her body. -TNP
[22 Apr 2014]
Started by grieving parents, Child Bereavement Support Singapore is a group helping those who have had similar tragedies. -ST
[22 Apr 2014]
The police said the baby was left to play in the living room with his siblings, aged 5 and 3, before the incident happened. -NST
[21 Apr 2014]
In general, after one year of trying to conceive, doctors will strongly advise a couple to seek some form of medical assessment. -MYB
[19 Apr 2014]
An overweight child is at risk of more health problems later in life, so parents have to make lifestyle changes to ensure he grows up healthy. -MYB
[19 Apr 2014]
All of us look forward to our golden years. Sadly, we seldom plan for this second half of our lives. -MYB
[19 Apr 2014]