Four times as many younger people were diagnosed with dementia last year than in 2011, the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI) revealed yesterday.

It had 27...

[06 Feb 2016]
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For older people, the brain-protecting benefits of eating fish outweigh any potential harms from mercury, according to a small US brain study. -ST
[03 Feb 2016]
For Claire and Lola, the cause of microcephaly is genetic. -ST
[03 Feb 2016]
Twins born in Switzerland had been joined at the liver and chest -AFP
[02 Feb 2016]
Half of the 135 babies being evaluated at a rehabilitation centre have limited vision due to deformed optic nerves and retinas. -Reuters
[29 Jan 2016]
A showed that couples who use contraception have as much as three times more sex than couples who do not. -Reuters
[28 Jan 2016]
They run into trouble only when their symptoms - such as disorientation or forgetfulness - act up. -ST
[25 Jan 2016]
In TCM, a premature baby prone to flu and cough is likely to have deficiencies in his lungs, spleen and kidneys. -ST
[22 Jan 2016]
Melanoma may be even more dangerous when it's diagnosed in women during pregnancy or within a year of giving birth, a US study suggests. -Reuters
[21 Jan 2016]
The last thing you want is to ban him from buying anything during recess. -ST
[21 Jan 2016]
By eating right, we're able to boost the body's physical conditioning and aid in potential pregnancies. -PurelyB
[20 Jan 2016]