With the number of patients rising steadily as the country ages, Singapore will need to expand current facilities and get new hospitals.

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[11 Oct 2015]
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For entrepreneur Samuel Lee, 32, life literally started in a petri dish. -TNP
[11 Oct 2015]
Infants may get enough vitamin D from breast milk if their mothers take high-dose vitamin D supplements. -Reuters
[08 Oct 2015]
For patients over 60, memory and ability to do complex mental tasks may be affected. -ST
[08 Oct 2015]
KKH finds 'going under' raises odds of a child having a learning disability, but scope of study is limited. -ST
[08 Oct 2015]
Father of baby who needs machine to keep his heart beating hopes for a transplant. - TNP
[07 Oct 2015]
Singapore has about 660,000 people aged 60 and above, of which one in 10 suffers from dementia. -TNP
[05 Oct 2015]
Three in five nursing home patients could be taking medication in the wrong dosage or, sometimes, the wrong medication altogether. -My Paper
[05 Oct 2015]
Doctors presented the couple with the option to terminate the pregnancy, but they decided to give their son a chance at life. -AsiaOne
[03 Oct 2015]
Retirees can use it to evaluate their wellness and get information on skills programmes. -ST
[02 Oct 2015]
Project pairing students with older learners proves a hit in push towards successful ageing. -ST
[30 Sep 2015]