SINGAPORE - The most common reason the elderly with knee arthritis give for not exercising is the pain they feel in their joints.

But that should not be a...

[01 Aug 2014]
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Among older adults with dementia, those who are also depressed tend to have more rapid cognitive decline. -Reuters
[31 Jul 2014]
Samples taken from malaria patients found that parasites are resistant to the frontline drug artemisinin. -AFP
[31 Jul 2014]
Every additional daily serving of fruit and vegetables reduced the average risk of premature death from all causes by five per cent. -AFP
[30 Jul 2014]
The question is: Will an oral approach to education work for every deaf child? -ST
[29 Jul 2014]
The sprawling new complex will house the Kampong Chai Chee community club, a new sports facility, library, polyclinic and elder care centre all under one roof. -ST
[29 Jul 2014]
Retirement means different things to different people but for most, it seems to herald the chance to stay active, often in areas that might not be available when...
[29 Jul 2014]
When Emilyn Heng found out that her second son was deaf, just like her first, she was sad. But not for long. -ST
[27 Jul 2014]
Centenarian is a good example of how the elderly can live to ripe old age when there’s good family and community support. -TNP
[27 Jul 2014]
NTUC'S entry into the nursing home sector will likely see it emerge as a "prominent player" because of its reputation and size, say experts. -ST
[27 Jul 2014]
Believe it or not, stroke can happen to young people - and a brain aneurysm is often behind it. -MYB
[24 Jul 2014]