She suffered from mild baby blues after giving birth to her daughter five years ago, so Jaymee Ong was confident she knew what she would be dealing with her second...

[25 Nov 2015]
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In a new book launched to commemorate Singapore’s Jubilee, ex-patients and staff of KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, share how the the institution has touched their...
[23 Nov 2015]
A detergent bottle spells fun to your inquisitive tot. Find out how to protect her from common household hazards. -Young Parents
[20 Nov 2015]
Giving anti-AIDS drugs directly to infants breastfed by their HIV-positive mothers significantly reduces their risk of contracting the killer virus, researchers said...
[19 Nov 2015]
As a general rule, scientists have long known that the smallest animals have the biggest sperm. -AFP
[18 Nov 2015]
KKH, SGH to offer service for gestational diabetes from Jan as part of a 6-month trial. -ST
[18 Nov 2015]
Conjoined twin girls have died in Bangladesh less than a week after they were born, the hospital treating them said. -AFP
[16 Nov 2015]
Assessing the popularity of assisted reproduction in China at a time of policy easing -China Daily/ANN
[15 Nov 2015]
At least one condom machine will be installed in each institution and students can get them free by swiping their ID card. -China Daily/ANN
[15 Nov 2015]
Some 750 doctors in 25 countries are to perform the procedure on over 3,000 volunteers to mark World Vasectomy Day. -AFP
[13 Nov 2015]
The transplants will come from deceased donors and will be temporary. -AFP
[13 Nov 2015]