Loving parents get tattoo of daughter's birthmark so she won't feel alone

Honey-Rae, just 18 months old, has no idea what sacrifices her parents have made for her.

She was born with a huge strawberry-rose birthmark that is growing...

[01 Mar 2015]
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Weight-loss surgery tied to pregnancy benefits, risks
Compared to obese women who didn't have so-called bariatric surgery, women who did were less likely to develop diabetes during pregnancy and less likely to deliver...
[26 Feb 2015]
40% of dementia patients in Korea given care by spouse
Of the 360 dementia patients who were surveyed last year from June to August, 39 per cent were being looked after by their wives or husbands, while 23.6 were cared for...
[25 Feb 2015]
Girl, 3, relies on blood donors to stay alive
Her mother wants to raise public awareness of the blood disease, which can be controlled and those diagnosed with it can live a long life. -Brunei Times/ANN
[25 Feb 2015]
Conjoined twins separated at Texas hospital after marathon surgery
In surgery lasting more than 24 hours, a Texas hospital medical team has separated nearly 1-year-old twins who were joined at the abdomen. -Reuters
[24 Feb 2015]
Mr Lee Kuan Yew in SGH with severe pneumonia
News of his illness immediately drew messages of concern, prayers and wishes for a quick recovery online and at constituency events. -ST
[23 Feb 2015]
Arsenic levels higher in formula-fed babies: study
Arsenic in the urine of six-week-old babies who were fed formula was 7.5 times higher than babies who were drinking breast milk. -AFP
[23 Feb 2015]
Eating placentas? US moms swear by health benefits
Health trends come and go, but one post-birth fad is gaining a foothold in the United States among some new mothers who extol the benefits of eating their own...
[23 Feb 2015]
Teen fathers more likely to have children with health problems, due to sperm mutations: Study
One reason could be that teenage sperm cells are "error-prone" when they replicate. -AFP
[18 Feb 2015]
'I'll keep him happy until the end', says wife of terminally ill patient
Doctors say it was caused by long-term exposure to hazardous materials, such as asbestos. -TNP
[17 Feb 2015]
Six-day-old baby is youngest infant to have heart transplant in US
Baby Oliver Crawford underwent the operation at Phoenix Children's Hospital in Arizona after being born seven weeks ahead of schedule with a heart defect. -AFP
[14 Feb 2015]