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Weight Loss Calculator

Waistlines of American adults kept growing last year with obesity creeping up to 27.7 per cent. -AFP
[28 May 2015]
Chinese authorities are investigating the whereabouts of the suspected victim. -Reuters
[28 May 2015]
The plan to release genetically altered male Aedes mosquitoes so that they cannot breed with wild females has proven too costly and impractical. -The Star/ANN
[28 May 2015]
Before checking his weight, Kim said he wants to eat 10 bowls of rice with Kimchi stew if he achieves his goal. -Korea Herald/ANN
[28 May 2015]
This enables Muslims with type 2 diabetes to observe Ramadan safely. -ST
[28 May 2015]
Drinking up to five espressos a day, or the equivalent, poses no risk to the general population. -Reuters
[27 May 2015]
Taco Bell said it planned to replace all artificial flavors and colors and some additives such as trans-fats in its foods with natural alternatives by the end of this...
[27 May 2015]
Shake-up includes a $100-million war chest to battle future emergencies following the Ebola fiasco. -AFP
[27 May 2015]
Elderly people who drank two or more alcoholic drinks per day had hearts with thicker walls and larger pumping chambers, and possibly reduced heart function:...
[27 May 2015]
These results should reassure younger women diagnosed with breast cancer. -Reuters
[27 May 2015]