Between 2010 and 2014, there were 1,370 people diagnosed with lung cancer each year. Is the rate of people getting lung cancer increasing?


[30 May 2016]
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The Charity, Prostate Cancer UK did a survey recently showing nearly one in five men (17 per cent) did even know they have a prostate and that many men were blind to...
[29 May 2016]
Colon cancer often begins as a polyp, or a growth, inside the colon or rectum. -AFP
[25 May 2016]
Mr Isaiah Teh's outlook on life changed completely after he returned from a trip to Hong Kong in July 2014. -ST
[25 May 2016]
She was in class, sweating it out when all of a sudden, she heard a snapping sound and felt a sudden pain in her head. -ST
[25 May 2016]
Generally, it is quite common for joggers to suffer from knee pain. They are likely to suffer from knee injuries such as menisceal tears and anterior cruciate ligament...
[25 May 2016]
Stress may affect risk factors like high blood pressure, a result of habits such as smoking, drinking. -ST
[24 May 2016]
Baby saved via emergency caesarean section; docs said mum had only 5 per cent survival chance. -ST
[24 May 2016]
She was on transplant waiting list for 10 years; procedure is rare between people who are not family members. -ST
[23 May 2016]
The boy, now 11 months old, recently had his extra appendage removed through surgery at SouthWest Hospital in Chongqing. -AsiaOne
[23 May 2016]
Self-injectables could have a huge impact on women who cannot access clinics or face opposition to contraceptive use from their partners. -Reuters
[23 May 2016]