Researchers here have developed a diagnostic kit that can differentiate between the dengue and chikungunya viruses in a single test.

The kit devised by a team...

[03 Aug 2015]
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Frequent cooking with a wok leads to "significantly increased levels" of the toxicants acrolein and crotonaldehyde, substances which can attack a person's DNA. -TNP
[03 Aug 2015]
Why your diet or weight loss routine might not working for you, plus the easy ways to get back on track. -Her World
[31 Jul 2015]
According to the doctor, the surgery for the boy will have three phases and take place over a year. -China Daily/ANN
[31 Jul 2015]
Guo Enze from China has an ‎imperforate‬ anus, a condition in which the rectum is malformed and prevents him from excreting waste normally. -AsiaOne
[30 Jul 2015]
ONE FM DJ Cheryl Miles says quitting smoking has given her more energy now than in her 20s. -TNP
[30 Jul 2015]
Her son was shocked to see something moving on her eyelid and immediately sent her to an eye specialist for help. -AsiaOne
[29 Jul 2015]
Here's what you need to know about dermal facial fillers. -The Star/ANN
[29 Jul 2015]
Fake products can cause facial disfigurement and blindness. -The Star/ANN
[29 Jul 2015]
A misplaced needle carries the risk of infection, scarring, nerve damage, and even blindness and death. -The Star/ANN
[29 Jul 2015]
Previous research has linked skipping breakfast to an increased risk for weight gain and diabetes. -Reuters
[29 Jul 2015]