A UK couple was devastated after losing their twin girls to cancer, The Mirror reported on Thursday (July 2).

Said Mrs Clare Boitelle: "Our hearts and souls...

[06 Jul 2015]
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The cause of her death? Heart attack caused by chronic constipation. -TNP
[06 Jul 2015]
Noma also strikes when natural immunity is at its lowest. -AFP
[05 Jul 2015]
Why you should be more concerned about the reason for the stink, than getting rid of bad breath. -SHAPE Singapore
[03 Jul 2015]
Besides damaging the skin, excessive sun exposure also increases a person's risk of developing skin cancer. -AsiaOne
[04 Jul 2015]
About four in 10 cases of cancer may be preventable and that early detection of the disease leads to a better chance of recovery, or at least of surviving longer. -ST
[04 Jul 2015]
The ACP lays out six strategies for bringing mental health and substance abuse care into primary care to better treat each patient as "a whole person." -Reuters
[03 Jul 2015]
The latest cases involved two nurses from Seoul's Samsung Medical Center, the health ministry said. -AFP
[03 Jul 2015]
If you practice small ways to detox every day, you’ll need to go through another miserable cleanse less often. -PDI/ANN
[03 Jul 2015]
24-year-old Ms Liu spent over $8,700 on breast implants to improve her figure for her wedding. -AsiaOne
[03 Jul 2015]
In the 10-second-long video, a doctor is seen pricking the man's swollen bicep with a needle and exerting pressure to drain the oil from the muscle. -AsiaOne
[02 Jul 2015]