Being slim can be considered one of the top criteria to be a beautiful screen goddess in the show business.

When we see these Chinese celebrities on...

[25 Oct 2014]
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This high-intensity sport can place great physical strain on the body and cause injuries. -ST
[25 Oct 2014]
Consumers in gourmet havens like France and Italy are slowly starting to demand gluten-, dairy- and meat-free diets as environmental and health concerns kick in. -AFP
[24 Oct 2014]
Exercise junkies are getting their fix from new classes such as twerking, pole and aerial fitness, hip-hop dance and Diva dance. -ST
[21 Oct 2014]
Families who express more warmth, group enjoyment and positive reinforcement at family meals have children with reduced risk of obesity, according to a new study. -...
[18 Oct 2014]
Bono told British TV chat show host Graham Norton he had suffered from the condition for two decades. -Reuters
[18 Oct 2014]
Women with healthier diets before an ovarian cancer diagnosis are less likely to die in the years following the cancer than women with poorer diets, according to a new...
[17 Oct 2014]
Over the long term, fast-track and slow-track dieters are equally likely to regain most of the weight they lost, according to a paper published in The Lancet Diabetes...
[16 Oct 2014]
If you're going to overindulge and gain weight, at least try to make sure the extra calories come from unsaturated fats, a new study suggests. -Reuters
[16 Oct 2014]
Recent photos of Chinese model Li Ying Zhi has made waves online after her usually flawless face looked far from perfect. -Lollipop
[16 Oct 2014]
Despite seeming healthy, processed vegan food may contain ingredients that could do more harm than good to your health.
[15 Oct 2014]