Have yourself a healthy little Christmas

The cooking method of the traditional Christmas feast of turkey and stuffing, baked ham, gravy, potatoes and dessert, can be adjusted to reduce the calorie count,...

[22 Dec 2014]
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In overweight kids, some exercises can strain feet
In overweight children, exercise can put pressure on their developing feet, say Australian researchers. -Reuters
[21 Dec 2014]
Obesity can be deemed a disability at work: EU court
The landmark decision will be closely read by European employers and means that companies might have to provide greater support to obese staff. -Reuters
[19 Dec 2014]
Heart attack, suicide among top killers in Singapore
Suicide and heart attack were the top causes of deaths among 15- to 49-year-olds here last year, accounting for 337 lives, while the top killer for those aged 70 and...
[19 Dec 2014]
By2 called out for going under the knife
Taiwan-based Singapore pop duo By2 have generated a lot of buzz after allegedly undergoing plastic surgery over the years. -Lollipop
[19 Dec 2014]
Misdiagnosed woman spends $548,000 on lung cancer treatment
The hospital misdiagnosed Wang as having lung cancer in 2008, making her ill from large doses of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. -China Daily/ANN
[17 Dec 2014]
Norway says farmed salmon safe and urges public to eat more
Farmed Norwegian salmon - repeatedly criticised for its supposed effects on health - can be safely eaten even by pregnant women, a new report by experts said Monday. -...
[16 Dec 2014]
An iron will and steely focus
Ex-gang member lifts himself out of adversity, with the help of good samaritans. -ST
[16 Dec 2014]
Running on despite diabetes
Being diagnosed with the disease at 32 did not stop prison officer Eddie Tan from completing an Ironman event. -MYB
[13 Dec 2014]
Living with asthma
About 5 per cent of adults and 20 per cent of children here have asthma. -MYB, ST
[13 Dec 2014]
Healthy can mean tasty too
If you tell people that you are serving them healthy food, chances are, they would crinkle their noses and think that it won't taste good - even before trying anything...
[13 Dec 2014]