A busy and gadget-driven lifestyle is a sure recipe for eye strain.

For those who do office work, it's common to experience dry and tired eyes after a whole...

[30 Nov 2015]
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Consumers Association of Penang president said Malaysian meats were tainted with antibiotic-resistant bacteria. -The Star/ANN
[30 Nov 2015]

Beijing - Northern China choked under some of the worst smog this year on Monday, with levels in Beijing soaring to 22 times healthy limits, triggering the city's...

[30 Nov 2015]
Family ponders options after baby's liver deteriorates soon after organ transplant -TNP
[30 Nov 2015]
Man who had hands and feet amputated after eating raw fish and testing positive for GBS says he blames no one for his plight -TNP
[29 Nov 2015]
Hawkers have been told to stop selling Chinese-style raw fish dishes - including raw fish porridge - immediately. -ST
[28 Nov 2015]
How would I know what kinds of raw fish are safe to eat? -ST
[28 Nov 2015]
How does the virus weaken the immune system? -The Star/ANN
[27 Nov 2015]
If women are prone to "eat like a bird" when men are watching, men may be similarly programmed to "eat like a horse" when women are around. -Reuters
[27 Nov 2015]
While more people in Singapore are getting cancer, even more are surviving the killer disease longer. -My Paper
[27 Nov 2015]
Almost half of the women here could have an iron deficiency and not even know it. -ST
[27 Nov 2015]