The pain you have in the left shoulder with certain arm movements is called shoulder impingement pain.

There is a strong and broad tendon in the shoulder...

[28 Aug 2015]
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Apart from experiencing difficulty in conceiving, women who ovulate infrequently do not allow their womb lining to be shed regularly. -ST
[28 Aug 2015]
A message is currently circulating via WhatsApp and SMS, claiming that a man died from GBS infection this month after eating sashimi. -AsiaOne
[27 Aug 2015]
Pilates uses a series of controlled movements to improve core strength, posture and balance. -Reuters
[27 Aug 2015]
Body acne can appear on the chest, shoulders, arms, and even the legs and buttocks. -ST
[27 Aug 2015]
Eggs are one of the best and most affordable sources of protein. -PDI/ANN
[26 Aug 2015]
Fan Zhihong, a nutritionist and a member of the board of directors of the Chinese Nutrition Society, and an associate professor of nutrition and food safety at the...
[24 Aug 2015]
Five possible causes why your throat feels like sandpaper and how to treat it. -Shape
[23 Aug 2015]
Although henna has been used to dye skin for centuries, some dyes now marketed as "black henna" are mixtures of henna and other ingredients. -AsiaOne
[22 Aug 2015]
Compared to other kinds of fat, extra virgin olive oil may have healthier effects on levels of blood sugar and bad cholesterol after meals, according to an Italian...
[21 Aug 2015]
120 hot spots detected mainly in southern half of Sumatra, says NEA -ST
[21 Aug 2015]