Tools for preventing strokes include a healthy diet, home blood pressure monitoring and an online stroke-risk estimator, according to updated guidelines issued...

[30 Oct 2014]
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Households across the US this Halloween are displaying hand-painted teal-coloured pumpkins on their porches and lawns, a signal that children with food allergies can...
[29 Oct 2014]
A study in The BMJ medical journal on Wednesday said Swedes with a high intake of cow's milk died younger - and women suffered more fractures. -AFP
[29 Oct 2014]
Five tubes of lipstick of the Baolishi and Monaliza brands to be contaminated with lead in the range of 2,204 parts per million to 2,487 ppm. -PDI/ANN
[29 Oct 2014]
Mini-interludes of this cardiovascular workout, which alternates short, high-intensity intervals with longer, slower ones, can help fend off the sedentary perils of...
[29 Oct 2014]
Check your weight at kiosks islandwide, start a team with friends; join in at the office too. -ST
[28 Oct 2014]
In one instance, a mistake turns out to be blessing in disguise. -ST
[28 Oct 2014]
The obesity rate in Singapore has increased, and the Health Promotion Board (HPB) is declaring war against this scourge. -AsiaOne
[26 Oct 2014]
People here often quench their thirst with beverages such as barley, sugarcane or lime juice, in the belief that these are healthier than soft drinks. But these may...
[26 Oct 2014]
We sometimes forget that these celebrities look "bigger" on television, and get alarmed by how skinny and fragile they look when we see them in real life. -Lollipop
[25 Oct 2014]
This high-intensity sport can place great physical strain on the body and cause injuries. -ST
[25 Oct 2014]