Korea needs more narcotics

In 2010, popular author and TV personality Choi Yoon-hee committed suicide with her husband, after two years of suffering from lupus.

The death of the couple...

[27 Mar 2015]
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Early colorectal screening paying off
More in Singapore are aware of the benefits of detecting the cancer early. -MYB, ST
[27 Mar 2015]
Chinese doctor saves American suffering heart attack
The man, who is an emergency physician, rushed to render first-aid to an American woman who collapsed of a heart attack at an ocean park in California. -China Daily/ANN
[26 Mar 2015]
Even interrupting sitting time may improve health in type 2 diabetes
People with Type 2 diabetes could trim down and improve their metabolic health by replacing long periods of sitting with periodic standing, taking the stairs. -Reuters
[26 Mar 2015]
Man, 22, loses 122kg, struggles with excess skin
The weight loss happened over six years. -AsiaOne
[25 Mar 2015]
Air pollution blamed for nose ulcer
However, one South Korean plastic surgeon's excuse may seem a bit far-fetched. -China Daily/ANN
[25 Mar 2015]
Drug-resistant TB threatens to kill 75 million people by 2050, cost $22.8 trillion
The bacteria that cause TB can develop resistance to drugs used to cure the disease. -Reuters
[25 Mar 2015]
Angelina Jolie's surgery 'dramatically' lowers cancer risk: Experts
Per Hall, an oncologist at Sweden's Karolinska Institutet said he would "absolutely" advise women who carry the inheritable BRCA1 gene alteration to consider...
[25 Mar 2015]
Angelina Jolie has ovaries removed over cancer concern
Oscar-winning film star Angelina Jolie has said she has had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed to avoid the risk of ovarian cancer. -Reuters
[24 Mar 2015]
Clampdown on suspect aesthetic treatments
MOH will no longer allow clinics to roll out offerings like whitening jabs -ST
[24 Mar 2015]
It's swimsuit season - have you tried these diets yet?
The latest regimens to get your body beach-ready, from all grains to only veggies before 6 p.m. -PDI/ANN
[24 Mar 2015]