New York - Canadian TV and film star Cobie Smulders revealed a well-kept secret in the May issue of Women's Health magazine - she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer...

[25 Apr 2015]
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A newborn baby who died after just 100 minutes became Britain's youngest organ donor after his kidneys and heart valves were given to adult patients. -AFP
[24 Apr 2015]
Belle Gibson, 23, rose to prominence in 2013 after claiming she was treating her brain cancer with whole foods and alternative therapies. -ST
[24 Apr 2015]
Matheryn Naovaratpong's brain and central nervous system have been extracted and stored in a special low-temperature container in a facility. -ST
[23 Apr 2015]
Hsu, 40, who has been living here for a year, is currently battling a bad bout of stomach flu. -TNP
[23 Apr 2015]
Pets can be a source of infection, and newborns, the elderly, children with leukaemia and adults with cancer are especially vulnerable. -Reuters
[22 Apr 2015]
People who reported drinking more chamomile tea over longer periods of time were less likely to develop thyroid malignancies or benign growths than those who didn't. -...
[22 Apr 2015]
Blogger Hong Qiu Ting, 27, never liked what she saw when she looked in the mirror. -TNP
[21 Apr 2015]
These women push their bodies hard, challenging the traditional ideal of beauty that is all curves and fair skin. Find out what it means to them to be beautiful. -TNP
[21 Apr 2015]
Matheryn Noavaratpong died in January 2015 after her family made the painful decision to take her off life support. -TNP
[21 Apr 2015]
IT services boss hides her many health woes beneath her well-put-together exterior. -ST
[20 Apr 2015]