SAO PAULO - Retired Brazilian football great Pele is in the intensive care unit in a Sao Paulo hospital where he is being treated for a urinary tract infection, but...

[28 Nov 2014]
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On Nov 12, the boy was taken to the hospital after he experienced a seizure and loss of consciousness. -Stomp
[28 Nov 2014]
Moderate exercise is encouraged during pregnancy for plenty of reasons, but it may also help women avoid gaining too much weight, say UK researchers. -Reuters
[28 Nov 2014]
Miss Rosie Skinner is believed to suffer from pica - an eating disorder in which people eat non-food materials. -AsiaOne
[27 Nov 2014]
Fitness studio founder Candice Chin tells Joan Chew how she regained her health -MYB, ST
[27 Nov 2014]
Illnesses that involve using food in an unhealthy manner to deal with emotional problems are on the rise among the young, MYB, ST
[27 Nov 2014]
Wen Bishan, 39, from Guangxi, China, was once dubbed by the Chinese media as "the fattest man in Guangxi" for his weight of 225kg. -Stomp
[26 Nov 2014]
Here are 6 things to know about prostate cancer, the third most common cancer among men in Singapore and the fifth leading cause of cancer deaths. -ST
[26 Nov 2014]
At least 11 men have died and more than 300 suffered nasty reactions after taking illegal sex drugs over the past six years. -ST
[25 Nov 2014]
The frail little girl overcame the odds and celebrated her fifth birthday earlier this month. -TNP
[25 Nov 2014]
ESM Goh Chok Tong is recovering well from his surgery for prostate cancer, according to his Facebook post on Monday morning. -AsiaOne
[24 Nov 2014]