SINGAPORE - Have you read a book from the Harry Potter series?

Many of you would have. After all, this is one of the best-selling book series in history,...

[28 Aug 2014]
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Weight Loss Calculator

Whether you're guilty of just one or all of them, rectifying those errors will go far in pushing that magic number down - and keeping it that way. -Shape
[28 Aug 2014]
Can you imagine feeling pain in the knee when you walk or stand? -My Paper
[27 Aug 2014]
What causes sprains and strains? -The Star/ANN
[26 Aug 2014]
Food poisoning is a real and ever present danger, and mishandling of food and hygiene issues are usually the leading causes. -The Star/ANN
[26 Aug 2014]
Police found that excess hydrogen peroxide was being added to the meat. -Reuters
[26 Aug 2014]
Protein and carbohydrates are a must-have in my meals. -ST
[26 Aug 2014]
The myth that women can't regain their figures after having children has been busted by a Shanghainese mother of four.
[26 Aug 2014]
Tired of treadmills? Bored with bicep curls? It may be time to scale a wall, climb a rope and drag a tire. -Reuters
[25 Aug 2014]
Work up a sweat but do not overdo it. -ST
[25 Aug 2014]
You would think twice before hitting the snooze button on the alarm if you knew your exercise buddy was waiting. -MYB
[25 Aug 2014]