Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, isn't caused by one single thing. "It is a multifactorial disease caused by interactions between your genes and the environment, as...

[04 May 2016]
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Weight Loss Calculator

Excessive burning of fats by the muscles is one of the major causes of severe weight loss in patients suffering from serious chronic illnesses such as cancer. -ST
[04 May 2016]
Laura Tan keeps fit by teaching Zumba five days a week together with toning exercises while at home. -ST
[04 May 2016]
Sharing information about the illness early - in an age-appropriate manner - opens the door for communication between parent and children. -ST
[04 May 2016]
Exposure to toxins and chemicals - plus stress of city living - can harm skin: Study. -ST
[04 May 2016]
Mothers, who are carriers of the gene causing the disorder, often struggle with guilt, says Society. -The Straits Times
[03 May 2016]
Crucial to see doctor as symptoms of asthma attack and allergic rhinitis are similar: Expert. -ST
[03 May 2016]
Rounding up science’s latest discoveries. -The New Paper
[02 May 2016]
As much as she finds it rewarding, Cynthia admits that the task of caregiving has been challenging as she juggles the demands of work and the responsibilities that...
[01 May 2016]
To avoid developing back pain or to find some relief for an existing condition, here are a few tips to help you take better care of your back and your spine. -The Star...
[01 May 2016]
Doctors can't cure Veera Sekaran of rare nerve disorder so he devises his own treatment -ST
[01 May 2016]