Raising the lupus alarm

"It's never lupus." Dr Gregory House, the main character in the popular American television medical drama House, likes to say...

[25 Jan 2015]
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Malaysian DJ Leng Yein unveils new look after plastic surgeries in Korea
On her Facebook account, she posted before and after photos to show the differences. -AsiaOne
[24 Jan 2015]
Walking without proper footwear can trigger long-term foot pain
Any pain due to walking will greatly reduce one's quality of life, said Ms Daphne Tan, a podiatrist at National University Hospital's (NUH) Rehabilitation Centre. -MYB...
[24 Jan 2015]
California alert after Disneyland measles outbreak
The California Department of Public Health reported on its website that 59 cases of measles had been recorded since the end of December. -AFP
[23 Jan 2015]
Foods that can help you give up smoking
Improved dietary habits, regular exercise and plenty of sleep can be effective in smoking cessation. -Korea Herald/ANN
[23 Jan 2015]
China university 'expels student over genetic blood disease'
A student in Beijing is suing his university after he was allegedly expelled for having the rare hereditary blood disease haemophilia. -AFP
[23 Jan 2015]
Obesity, an expanding problem
Obesity is a multifactor chronic disease - an interplay of physiological, genetic, metabolic and environmental factors. -tabla!
[23 Jan 2015]
Crafting lovely little smiles
Dentists often tell adult patients to visit a dentist every six months for an oral checkup to detect diseases early and prevent them from progressing to advanced oral...
[23 Jan 2015]
Australian boy, 4, gets 'world first' artificial pancreas
Xavier Hames became the first patient following clinical trials to use the new device, which looks like an mp3 player and is attached to his body using several tubes...
[22 Jan 2015]
Rare skin disease forces boy to be wrapped up in tissue paper
Those suffering from the condition have very fragile skin which blisters and festers after being touched. -AsiaOne, China Daily/ANN
[22 Jan 2015]
Gym time won't cancel out too much sitting
People who are too sedentary, even if they do exercise frequently, are more likely to develop heart disease, cancer and diabetes, a new report says. -Reuters
[21 Jan 2015]