SINGAPORE - A 67-year-old Singaporean man who lived in Toa Payoh has died of dengue fever, in the second death caused by the virus this year.

In a joint press...

[11 Feb 2016]
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A dermatologist shares why and how to ease that unbearable itch. -Shape
[11 Feb 2016]
Dauxerre was battling anorexia, eating three apples a day and sipping diet colas in an effort to maintain her elite model status. -AFP
[10 Feb 2016]
The lean, ruggedly handsome Watanabe, had survived two bouts of leukemia more than twenty years ago. -Reuters
[10 Feb 2016]
Calories from CNY goodies can really add up. Experts share tips on managing those tempting little treats. -ST
[10 Feb 2016]
The study also found more exercise and less screen time were linked to better insulin sensitivity, which might reduce the risk of diabetes. -Reuters
[10 Feb 2016]
Officials in China said a 34-year-old man was diagnosed with the virus after he returned from Venezuela. -AFP
[10 Feb 2016]
It was the Australian actor's 5th known basal cell carcinoma removal since 2013. -Reuters
[09 Feb 2016]
We may joke about "man boobs" with our friends and relatives, but one of the reasons they develop is due to oestrogen dominance. -The Star/ANN
[09 Feb 2016]
Obese people have an increased risk of kidney disease even when they don't have health problems like high blood pressure or elevated blood sugar that can impair renal...
[09 Feb 2016]
The newly discovered bacteria is similar to Borrelia burgdorferi in that it initially causes fever, headache, rash, and neck pain and later arthritis associated with...
[09 Feb 2016]