SINGAPORE - One in three youth here think it is perfectly all right to go for cosmetic procedures at their age - with 14 out of the 1,400 surveyed admitting that...

[01 Sep 2014]
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Studies find that adolescents "are a particularly vulnerable group"; children and teenagers under 18 should be banned from going for cosmetic treatments. -ST
[01 Sep 2014]
With a slew of health food delivery services which cater to the business crowd. -BT
[01 Sep 2014]
They regret altering too many parts of their faces, want the results to "look natural." -TNP
[01 Sep 2014]
She has gone for at least six procedures in one year to improve her appearance; she says she definitely looks better now. -TNP
[01 Sep 2014]
It is up to us to master the knowledge and put it into practice in understanding the causes of cancer, its prevention, detection and treatment. -My Paper
[28 Aug 2014]
Whether you're guilty of just one or all of them, rectifying those errors will go far in pushing that magic number down - and keeping it that way. -Shape
[28 Aug 2014]
Can you imagine feeling pain in the knee when you walk or stand? -My Paper
[27 Aug 2014]
What causes sprains and strains? -The Star/ANN
[26 Aug 2014]
Food poisoning is a real and ever present danger, and mishandling of food and hygiene issues are usually the leading causes. -The Star/ANN
[26 Aug 2014]
Police found that excess hydrogen peroxide was being added to the meat. -Reuters
[26 Aug 2014]