SINGAPORE - Madam Norarniza Wati is a serious runner. So serious that she has already taken part in 23 runs so far this year - or about three a month.


[16 Sep 2014]
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To make their runs stand out, organisers are paying greater attention to coming up with a more interesting route and concept and - of course - an awesome goodie bag. -...
[16 Sep 2014]
Why run? For fun. That is undergraduate Anne Tang's approach to mass runs. -ST
[16 Sep 2014]
The public can go for free hearing tests at 17 hearing care centres here from Sept 15 to Sept 30. -ST
[16 Sep 2014]
Retiree Peter Sng stood out from the other riders when he first joined cycling group, Team Midpoint. -MYB
[14 Sep 2014]
What he likes most about yoga is that it is a time for reflection and rejuvenation. -MYB
[14 Sep 2014]
Determined to lose weight after being called a demon by her son, a 40-year-old mother transformed herself into a beauty by making changes to her unhealthy lifestyle. -...
[14 Sep 2014]
In August 2012, New Zealander Bruce Swales was at a supermarket here when he felt pain in his chest. -MYB
[14 Sep 2014]
More cyclists are hitting the roads all over the island in search of fitness and fun. MYB finds out why they love their two-wheelers. -MYB
[14 Sep 2014]
Doctors are calling for men over 45 to get themselves checked for Hepatitis B, as the virus is often a precursor to liver cancer. -ST
[13 Sep 2014]
Rosacea is a common condition affecting the face. Over time, the prized "English rose" complexion acquires a persistent, ruddier hue with visible blood vessels. -MYB
[13 Sep 2014]