SINGAPORE - The most common reason the elderly with knee arthritis give for not exercising is the pain they feel in their joints.

But that should not be a...

[01 Aug 2014]
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Officials spent about half an hour preparing to transport the woman to the ambulance. The first adjusted the walkway then used dozens of large blankets to make a...
[31 Jul 2014]
White rice can cause blood sugar levels to spike, which makes it undesirable for diabetics. -MYB
[31 Jul 2014]
Hong Kong actor Liu Dan believes that starting young is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. -MYB
[31 Jul 2014]
Barely two months after her second childbirth, Susan Shu threw herself full-time into preparations for a regional competition. -My Paper
[31 Jul 2014]
The Liberian football association said it halted all activities in the country. -AFP
[30 Jul 2014]
Palau President Tommy Remengesau said that junk food had become a blight on Pacific island communities. -AFP
[30 Jul 2014]
Wellness retreats here cater to those with a busy lifestyle. -Urban
[30 Jul 2014]
Those with darker skin are more prone to getting burns from IPL treatments; try laser hair removal procedures instead. -Urban
[30 Jul 2014]
Every additional daily serving of fruit and vegetables reduced the average risk of premature death from all causes by five per cent. -AFP
[30 Jul 2014]
Mary Tan's courage has led a friend to take part in the Great Eastern Women's Run. -ST
[30 Jul 2014]