The last patient here diagnosed with the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) was readmitted to the hospital and tested positive for the virus again after showing...

[13 Oct 2015]
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Learn more about the bone condition and try these tips to slash your risk of osteoporosis. -AsiaOne
[12 Oct 2015]
Association opens booth at TTSH to raise awareness of disease, increase membership -ST
[10 Oct 2015]
Health official said the man will be examined for MERS and monitored in hospital for another 14 days. -The Nation/ANN
[09 Oct 2015]
Ms Cafferkey was diagnosed with Ebola in December after returning to Glasgow from Sierra Leone. -AFP
[09 Oct 2015]
The Singapore General Hospital said 678 patients as well as 273 medical workers were being contacted to be screened for the virus. -AFP
[09 Oct 2015]
A healthy mind in a healthy body - that is my secret to maintaining my fitness level even as a septuagenarian. -The Star/ANN
[09 Oct 2015]
Selena Gomez said that the disease is now in remission. -Reuters
[09 Oct 2015]
Watching a dance performance four years ago set this doctor on the path to becoming a student of dance. -ST
[09 Oct 2015]
Joyce Teo finds out more about alternative treatments for the skin condition. -ST
[07 Oct 2015]
Fitness-sharing platforms are a boon to both the keep-fit crowd and the gyms and studios that cater to them. -BT
[06 Oct 2015]