For a long time, Madam S. could not understand why she felt so drained in the morning despite clocking seven to eight hours of sleep every night. She dragged herself...

[25 Nov 2015]
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A review of previous studies suggests that people who eat yogurt have lower body weight, less body fat and smaller waists. -Reuters
[25 Nov 2015]
Functional restoration uses exercise and psychological therapy to get patients over fear and back to normal life. -WSJ
[24 Nov 2015]
The next time you're craving that delicious bowl of chocolate fudge banana split, just remember to work it off.
[20 Nov 2015]
Liberia has placed 153 people under surveillance as it seeks to control a new Ebola outbreak in the capital more than two months after the country was declared free of...
[23 Nov 2015]
He is only 48 but he was not in the mood for love. -TNP
[23 Nov 2015]
The mere mention of the word haemorrhoids can send chills down the spines of some of us, especially those who have intimate knowledge of this common problem. -The Star...
[23 Nov 2015]
Start making these small changes to prevent cancer. -Shape
[22 Nov 2015]
Grace can finally sleep through the night without being awakened by one of her epileptic crises since she started taking cannabis-based medicine. -AFP
[22 Nov 2015]
Exposure to air pollution early in life may contribute to the development of asthma in childhood and adolescence, a European study suggests. -Reuters
[21 Nov 2015]
A child in Mississippi whom scientists thought was cured of the disease showed signs of infection with the virus again last year. -ST
[21 Nov 2015]