Q I had a vitrectomy about two years ago on my right eye, where vitreous gel was removed from the middle of my eye. I also had cataract surgery about six...

[09 Oct 2015]
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Before starting on an exercise programme, you should check if you have any physical impairment to performing physical activity. -ST
[30 Sep 2015]
It is important to know what is causing your vertigo or dizziness. -ST
[25 Sep 2015]
A common misconception is that abnormalities with PSA signify the presence of prostate cancer. -ST
[25 Sep 2015]
Ask The Experts: I am a woman in my mid-40s. Recently, my right jaw hurt when I opened my mouth to a width slightly more than two fingers wide. -ST
[18 Sep 2015]
17-year-old son constantly complains of hunger, even after he has just had dinner an hour earlier. -ST
[17 Sep 2015]
Increasing heavy period. -ST
[10 Sep 2015]
Seeing black dots. -ST
[04 Sep 2015]
Discomfort can be eased with massage, stretching and Chinese herbal medicine. -ST
[28 Aug 2015]
Apart from experiencing difficulty in conceiving, women who ovulate infrequently do not allow their womb lining to be shed regularly. -ST
[28 Aug 2015]
Dementia affects mostly older people aged 65 and above, and its risk increases with age. -ST
[22 Aug 2015]