Q. I recently read that Oliver Cromwell, the English Civil War leader in the 17th century, actually died of typhoid and malaria. He wasn't poisoned like some...

[19 Nov 2015]
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Many signs and symptoms of cancer overlap with those of more benign causes. However, there are certain warning signs that may lead a doctor to conduct further...
[17 Nov 2015]
Stomach cancer is one of the top ten cancers diagnosed in Singapore.
[09 Nov 2015]
Why do we have hiccups and does drinking water or holding your breath make them go away? -ST
[07 Nov 2015]
Smoking and secondhand smoke can be linked to the rising number of lung cancer cases in Singapore.
[03 Nov 2015]
At what age a parent should stop taking baths with a child of the opposite gender? -ST
[28 Oct 2015]
Crooked teeth, unhealthy feeding or pacifier habits. Sasha Gonzales gets expert advice for dealing with common dental scenarios. -Young Parents
[23 Oct 2015]
Menopause is, by definition, the cessation of menstruation for one calendar year. -ST
[21 Oct 2015]
In traditional Chinese medicine, the halo mole and varicose veins can be traced to problems in the spleen, liver and kidneys. -ST
[16 Oct 2015]
If there is any change in appearance or you experience pain, itch, and infection in the area of the skin, a dermatologist should be consulted to rule out the...
[16 Oct 2015]
The retina is a light-sensitive nerve layer lining the inside surface of the back of the eye. -ST
[09 Oct 2015]