Q I am a 73-year-old man.

I have been having pain in my left shoulder and left upper arm for a few months, but have not sought medical...

[05 Feb 2016]
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Weight Loss Calculator

What can I do to be less reliant on steroids? Also, what kind of moisturiser would be the most suitable? -The Straits Times
[05 Feb 2016]
What is ovarian cancer? What can I do to prevent ovarian cancer from happening to me? -ST
[05 Feb 2016]
My eight-year-old son lost one of his upper central incisor milk teeth about four months ago and there is still no sign of the new tooth. -The Straits Times
[31 Jan 2016]
I just turned 45. Since the birth of my second child, I have adopted an active lifestyle and watched what I eat to keep my weight down. -The Straits Times
[31 Jan 2016]
In TCM, a premature baby prone to flu and cough is likely to have deficiencies in his lungs, spleen and kidneys. -ST
[22 Jan 2016]
An exercise treadmill test provides your doctor with general information about how well the heart copes with exercise. It may detect an underlying problem that is not...
[22 Jan 2016]
Q: I have had a problem in my ear for a few months and mainly experience pain and the sensation of a blocked ear. -The Straits Times
[22 Jan 2016]
Q. I am a healthy, 56-year-old woman. My height is 1.56m. -The Straits Times
[15 Jan 2016]
Q: My 19-year-old brother is autistic and intellectually disabled. -ST
[15 Jan 2016]
Your hair-loss condition could also be due to malnutrition as a result of anorexia. -ST
[30 Dec 2015]