I always observe how patients with knee pain walk into my consultation room. From that, I can tell which leg is hurting, and how bad it is hurting .

After all...

[29 Jul 2015]
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In recent years, many centres have reported positive outcomes after using robotic surgery to treat aggressive prostate cancer. -ST
[29 Jul 2015]
If menstruation hasn't started and there are no physical changes, see a gynaecologist. -ST
[29 Jul 2015]
Multiple ulcers often appear at one go, and last for a week or two. -ST
[23 Jul 2015]
If the ulcers do not go away after a few weeks to a month, and occur at the side of the tongue or the floor of the mouth, visit a dentist to rule out life-threatening...
[23 Jul 2015]
Inner-ear infection could have caused sensorineural hearing loss. -ST
[10 Jul 2015]
Since its inception in 2002, robotic prostatectomy has become hugely popular around the world. -ST
[10 Jul 2015]
Combining alcohol with medicine may delay the breakdown of the drug by the liver, causing it to stay in the blood longer and increasing the risk of an overdose. -ST
[04 Jul 2015]
Men with levels below 12nmol/L are deemed to have low testosterone. -MYB, ST
[27 Jun 2015]
It is well known that the indiscriminate use of antibiotics increases the problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. -MYB, ST
[13 Jun 2015]
Abdominal bloating, pain and flatulence are common symptoms that many of us experience at some point in our lives. - MYB, ST
[07 Jun 2015]