Q I am a 49-year-old man who had a bout of shingles on the upper left part of my face about a year ago. When I recovered 10 days later, I...

[04 May 2016]
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Not all types of cancer have effective screening tests and some tests are only for people with specific genetic risks. -ST
[04 May 2016]
Sacrohysteropexy is another surgical procedure which uses synthetic slings to pull up the womb, and is performed through a cut in the abdomen or through a keyhole...
[26 Apr 2016]
Do take note that treatment for acne often takes several months, and some form of maintenance therapy with topical medication is often recommended even after the...
[07 Apr 2016]
Can I have Lasik after cataract surgery to correct my astigmatism? -ST
[30 Mar 2016]
The age of majority is termed the threshold of transition from adolescent to adulthood, which is conceptualised in law. -The Star
[28 Mar 2016]
Calorie requirements depend on weight, height and amount of physical activity. -ST
[23 Mar 2016]
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a condition with no organic abnormality of the bowel.-ST
[22 Mar 2016]
Good quality of life possible with regular follow-up checks and lifestyle modifications. - The Straits Times
[03 Mar 2016]
Increased tiredness and weight gain in middle age may be signs of a lack of testosterone. -ST
[03 Mar 2016]
Yes, if the food remains in the cooker which is kept on at 75 deg C or higher. -ST
[02 Mar 2016]