Q I am a 48-year-old woman. For two months, I have been bothered by pain in my left shoulder. It hurts whenever I try to lift my left arm. At night, I am...

[28 Aug 2015]
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Apart from experiencing difficulty in conceiving, women who ovulate infrequently do not allow their womb lining to be shed regularly. -ST
[28 Aug 2015]
Dementia affects mostly older people aged 65 and above, and its risk increases with age. -ST
[22 Aug 2015]
Joint conditions, diseases or injuries are other possible underlying causes. -ST
[19 Aug 2015]
Having your neck in a flexed position for long can cause strain. -ST
[06 Aug 2015]
Seeking treatment early may prevent need for replacements. -ST
[29 Jul 2015]
In recent years, many centres have reported positive outcomes after using robotic surgery to treat aggressive prostate cancer. -ST
[29 Jul 2015]
If menstruation hasn't started and there are no physical changes, see a gynaecologist. -ST
[29 Jul 2015]
Multiple ulcers often appear at one go, and last for a week or two. -ST
[23 Jul 2015]
If the ulcers do not go away after a few weeks to a month, and occur at the side of the tongue or the floor of the mouth, visit a dentist to rule out life-threatening...
[23 Jul 2015]
Inner-ear infection could have caused sensorineural hearing loss. -ST
[10 Jul 2015]