Missed menses but not pregnant

Q: I am 29 and have been trying to conceive for a couple of months now.

My menstruation has been regular, on a 30-day cycle.

But I have...

[27 Feb 2015]
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Surgeon on looking after 'the other end'
Dr Kevin Sng is a general surgeon, who delves deep into the recesses of the colon. -TNP
[10 Feb 2015]
Pain behind the ears
The sensation of earache or discomfort which you have described is called otalgia. -MYB,ST
[07 Feb 2015]
Fertility worries due to erratic periods
PCOS, where many small cysts grow on the ovaries, is a common condition among young women. -MYB, ST
[31 Jan 2015]
Risk of living life to the max
Their time is limited, so each minute is all the more precious. But their health risks are higher, so what they can do is also limited. -Mind Your Body, ST
[31 Jan 2015]
Tongue tip is 'burning'
If there is a root cause of the burning sensation, treatment will be directed at addressing it. -Mind Your Body/ST
[17 Jan 2015]
The eye doc: A peak into the world of ophthalmologist
Dr Leo Seo Wei, 41, an ophthalmologist in private practice, manages eye conditions in both adults and children. -TNP
[23 Dec 2014]
Blackening feet and numb toes
The observation of feet turning black could indicate the presence of several conditions of concern. -MYB, ST
[13 Dec 2014]
Husband has no sperm
Azoospermia is a condition where no sperm are found in the semen. -MYB, ST
[13 Dec 2014]
Seeking advice on prostate biopsy test
Q: I am a 58-year-old man. I am seeking advice on which type of prostate biopsy test I should do after having done one earlier. -MYB, ST
[15 Nov 2014]
He used to hide his condition
National Council of Social Service's project helps people with mental health issues find work, be accepted, reintegrated into society. -ST
[12 Nov 2014]