Q: I am a 62-year-old woman. For the past few months, I have been feeling a mild burning sensation at the tip of my tongue....

[17 Jan 2015]
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The eye doc: A peak into the world of ophthalmologist
Dr Leo Seo Wei, 41, an ophthalmologist in private practice, manages eye conditions in both adults and children. -TNP
[23 Dec 2014]
Husband has no sperm
Azoospermia is a condition where no sperm are found in the semen. -MYB, ST
[13 Dec 2014]
Blackening feet and numb toes
The observation of feet turning black could indicate the presence of several conditions of concern. -MYB, ST
[13 Dec 2014]
Seeking advice on prostate biopsy test
Q: I am a 58-year-old man. I am seeking advice on which type of prostate biopsy test I should do after having done one earlier. -MYB, ST
[15 Nov 2014]
He used to hide his condition
National Council of Social Service's project helps people with mental health issues find work, be accepted, reintegrated into society. -ST
[12 Nov 2014]
Should I leave hernia alone?
A hernia is an abnormal protrusion or bulge of abdominal cavity fat. It arises when there is a weakness or thinning of abdominal wall muscles. -MYB, ST
[08 Nov 2014]
Banging noise and snapping sound in her head
It could take the form of ringing, clicking, banging or a multitude of different sounds. When it occurs in a regular rhythm, it is called pulsatile tinnitus. -MYB, ST
[08 Nov 2014]
Should I continue to help my son clear his ear wax?
Most of the time, ear canals are self-cleaning - regular bathing is typically enough to keep them healthy. -MYB, ST
[01 Nov 2014]
Did my daily 10km runs stop my periods?
A. When you take exercise to the extreme, it has a negative effect on your body and your menstrual cycle.
[06 Oct 2014]
Should pregnant mums eat for two?
If you are pregnant and fairly sedentary (for instance, you are at your desk all day), all you need is 200 more calories a day. -Young Parents
[18 Sep 2014]