Q. I am 38 years old and my husband is 40. We have been married for five years and have been trying to conceive naturally.

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[19 Apr 2014]
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My menstrual cycle has always been irregular. About two years ago, it stopped completely. -MYB
[13 Apr 2014]
I have short hair and do not use any hairstyling products. I blow my hair every morning with a hairdryer. -MYB
[12 Apr 2014]
Consultant psychiatrist focuses on disorders such as ADHD affecting adolescents. -ST
[08 Apr 2014]
If you experience pain when you stretch your joints, it would be advisable for you to see an orthopaedic doctor for an examination. -MYB
[06 Apr 2014]
You may consider seeing a doctor for botulinum toxin A injections. -MYB
[05 Apr 2014]
Bunions are primarily caused by wearing poorly designed footwear. -MYB
[29 Mar 2014]
Oral lichen planus, which affects mucous membranes inside your mouth, might occur on its own or in combination with lichen planus of the skin or genitals. -MYB
[27 Mar 2014]
Dr Tay Hin Ngan suggests alternative solutions to curb chronic snoring at night. -MYB
[23 Mar 2014]
Dr Mark Koh discusses the causes of face drooping and the medical treatments for it. -MYB
[23 Mar 2014]
Dr Lim Kar Seng, a consultant dermatologist, provides his views on skin cancer. -MYB
[12 Mar 2014]