Q I am in my late teens and I enjoy physical activities. I run about 10km every day.

However, my period has ceased for about four...

[06 Oct 2014]
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It can either signal dehydration resulting from increased water loss from the body, or reduced saliva production from the salivary glands. -MYB
[20 Sep 2014]
Changes in nail colour can be due to external causes, infections, internal disorders and abnormalities in nail pigment cell growth or melanin production. -MYB
[20 Sep 2014]
If you are pregnant and fairly sedentary (for instance, you are at your desk all day), all you need is 200 more calories a day. -Young Parents
[18 Sep 2014]
Rosacea is a common condition affecting the face. Over time, the prized "English rose" complexion acquires a persistent, ruddier hue with visible blood vessels. -MYB
[13 Sep 2014]
Masturbation in childhood was recognised as far back as 1909. It can begin at the age of two months and peak around four years old. -MYB
[11 Sep 2014]
We were advised by our doctor to screen for gene disorders or to do a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). Will doing this test reduce my chances of miscarriage...
[24 Aug 2014]
Sometimes, there is no obvious cause for the problem. For such patients, lifestyle modifications may be all that is needed. -MYB
[24 Aug 2014]
Black circles look extremely cute on pandas, but when it comes to human eyes, dark rings aren't the most attractive features. -The Star/ANN
[11 Aug 2014]
Endometrial hyperplasia is the thickening of the lining of the womb (endometrium), caused by an overgrowth of cells that line the womb. It is not cancer. -MYB
[06 Aug 2014]
HPV infection is very common in both men and women and can be transmitted through sexual intercourse. -MYB
[06 Aug 2014]