People using cordyceps should take them in moderation - and inform their doctor if they take them regularly, experts have advised.

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[28 May 2016]
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TCM has a range of herbs that have been used successfully by women over generations. -Her World
[19 May 2016]
By nourishing their bodies with Chinese herbs and acupoint massage, they can delay the ageing process. -AsiaOne
[06 May 2016]
Nerve pain due to damage caused by shingles is likely caused by deficiencies in the stomach, spleen and liver, or it could be due to a lack of 'qi' and blood. -ST
[04 May 2016]
The humble winter melon is said to be able to help clear heat and dampness, such as by increasing urination, according to well-referenced TCM textbook Ben Cao Jing Zhi...
[22 Apr 2016]
In TCM, acne is likely caused by deficiencies in the kidneys, liver, lungs and stomach, and external pathogenic factors of heat and dampness. -ST
[13 Apr 2016]
TCM offers tips in understanding, dealing with symptoms, which can differ from woman to woman. -ST
[30 Mar 2016]
The position of your pimples can provide insights on your body's internal conditions. -Shape
[24 Mar 2016]
Berberine is an alkaloid found naturally in some herbs such as Rhizoma Coptidis and Cortex Phellodendri used in TCM. -AsiaOne
[21 Mar 2016]
SSI chief Gambardella warns local athletes of dangers of traditional medicine. -TNP
[09 Mar 2016]
These eight herbs are great for women, say TCM experts. -Shape
[08 Mar 2016]