Man gets blisters when cupping treatment goes wrong

SINGAPORE - He wanted to detoxify his body and sought out cupping therapy. But he ended up in much pain and discomfort, and later fell ill as well.

On Oct 6,...

[19 Oct 2014]
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Pregnancy pulse checks will be put to the test
A doctor at Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, has declared publicly that pregnancy cannot be determined by feeling a woman's pulse. - China Daily/ANN
[16 Oct 2014]
How healthy lungs can bring longevity
Dr. Seo Hyo-seok shares his vision of the future of Korean traditional medicine -Korea Herald/ANN
[10 Oct 2014]
Eu Yan Sang medicine sold in Singapore safe: HSA
Product from different manufacturer and retested after US alert: HSA. - ST
[03 Oct 2014]
Acupuncture may not be effective for knee pain: Study
Acupuncture won't improve chronic knee pain in middle-aged people, researchers say. -Reuters
[01 Oct 2014]
TCM remedy for weak kidneys and liver heat
In TCM, the kidneys play an essential role in the distribution, regulation and metabolism of water. -MYB
[21 Sep 2014]
TCM clinic: Snakegourd root to drain body heat and toxins
People with acute or chronic symptoms of fever or cold can take this herb to dispel body heat. -MYB
[13 Sep 2014]
Balance yin and yang for better sleep
The quality of sleep is more important than the number of hours clocked. -My Paper
[27 Aug 2014]
TCM trial for stroke survivors
New study tracks how Chinese herbs may help those who suffer impaired thinking skills. -MYB
[07 Aug 2014]
How TCM can help fight chicken pox
Bugbane rhizome helps to promote the eruption of rashes from chicken pox and measles to hasten recovery. -MYB
[06 Aug 2014]
Wellness retreats here cater to those with a busy lifestyle
Wellness retreats here cater to those with a busy lifestyle. -Urban
[30 Jul 2014]