GOLS, Austria - Being blasted with jets of hot and cold water by a 70-year-old nun may not be everyone's idea of fun, but it has some firm fans. They return year...

[16 Apr 2014]
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Yong had prescribed and dispensed a brown herbal powder to a patient. However, the powder was found to contain clonazepam, which is a scheduled poison. -ST
[11 Apr 2014]
The structure has been purpose-built for people who say exposure to everyday products such as perfume, hand lotion or wireless devices makes them so sick they cannot...
[09 Apr 2014]
Cattail pollen improves blood flow and alleviates abdominal and menstrual pain. -MYB
[21 Mar 2014]
A trip to the chiropractor was supposed to bring much-needed relief, but for one lawyer, it turned into a pain in the neck - literally. -TNP
[21 Mar 2014]
The Chiropractic Association (Singapore) wants regulation in the industry, but authorities say self-regulation is enough. -TNP
[19 Mar 2014]
A master physician attends to at most 16 patients a day, spending at least half an hour with each. -MYB
[12 Mar 2014]
There are many factors to consider: an individual's constitution, the nature of any illness or syndrome, and even the weather. -MYB
[12 Mar 2014]
This widening acceptance of TCM has even reached mainstream hospitals. -MYB
[09 Mar 2014]
Malays form the biggest group of non-Chinese patients in all 27 of Eu Yan Sang's clinics. -MYB
[09 Mar 2014]
The attitude of the individual towards healthy living is often downplayed in discussions of the value of dietary supplements. -Reuters
[04 Mar 2014]