SINGAPORE - A stroke is devastating, especially when it seriously affects physical functions, speech and mobility.

Sometimes, what may be less obvious but no...

[07 Aug 2014]
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Bugbane rhizome helps to promote the eruption of rashes from chicken pox and measles to hasten recovery. -MYB
[06 Aug 2014]
This latest detox diet promises sweet benefits like glowing skin, heightened alertness and weight loss. We embark on a three-day juice cleanse and evaluate the results...
[01 Aug 2014]
Wellness retreats here cater to those with a busy lifestyle. -Urban
[30 Jul 2014]
In juice cleansing, customers are usually given six 500ml bottles of various juices - vegetable, fruit and nut-milk blends - for each day. -ST
[30 Jul 2014]
Thinking it would be a good way to detox their systems, the couple decided to try the juice company's three-day vegetable cleanse in May this year. -ST
[30 Jul 2014]
Bank analyst Lee Jiamin, 26, did her first juice cleanse earlier this month and was so impressed with its results that she did another one a week later. -ST
[30 Jul 2014]
Some claim that replacing solid food with fruit and vegetable juices energises them, but healthcare professionals urge caution. -ST
[29 Jul 2014]
Regularly consuming probiotics, or the "good" bacteria found in yogurt, milk and cheese, may help control blood pressure. -Reuters
[24 Jul 2014]
At Como Shambala, resident TCM practitioner Mark Chern opens up a new world of treatment options. -BT
[23 Jul 2014]
People with severe hives may develop chronic skin diseases and suffer interrupted sleep and depression. -MYB
[17 Jul 2014]