Ms Zhang Ruifen, 30, a registered traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) physician with Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic, sees patients, prescribes Chinese medicine and does...

[01 Feb 2016]
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An imbalance of yin and yang causes organs to dysfunction. -ST
[30 Jan 2016]

China plans to open about 20 Traditional Chinese Medicine collaboration centres overseas this year, according to a senior TCM official.

[25 Jan 2016]
In TCM, a premature baby prone to flu and cough is likely to have deficiencies in his lungs, spleen and kidneys. -ST
[22 Jan 2016]
Theoretically, acupuncture may improve serotonin levels, and may improve hot flushes the same way an antidepressant does. -Reuters
[20 Jan 2016]
Doctors might be asked to express their view of traditional medicine from time to time. It can be a sensitive subject as traditional medicine tends to be bound up with a philosophical system. -ST
[18 Jan 2016]
The animals' livers and kidneys, respiration, digestion and urinary systems also improved after drinking herbal tea, according to the study. -China Daily/ANN
[07 Jan 2016]
KTT's team of qualified in-house physicians and trained therapists will be accessible to both elite national athletes as well as participants at SA events. -ST
[29 Dec 2015]
Mr Ng, 35, tends to his delicate fungus in a fruiting chamber placed just outside his bedroom. -TNP
[29 Dec 2015]
Passengers were surprised to find their bus driver wearing only a T-shirt and shorts in winter. -China Daily/ANN
[27 Dec 2015]
"This clinic is an alternative path for such patients." -ST
[25 Dec 2015]