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Siew Pei Kuan, assistant branch manager at Yue Hwa...

[14 Nov 2015]
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Singapore-born Carla Fuhlrott believes in the healing power of alternative medicine, which in her case is traditional Chinese medicine. -ST
[27 Oct 2015]
Sharing of Nobel Prize with TCM researcher shows slight change in Western science's view of alternative medicine. -ST
[12 Oct 2015]
Doctor Zhang Tingdong, who focused on research into blood disease, heard that the poison arsenic, a kind of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), was used by an old...
[09 Oct 2015]
TCM practitioners believe insomnia is caused by emotional upheavals, diet, among others. -ST
[08 Oct 2015]
Anti-malaria drug artemisinin is one of many treatments plucked from the treasure chest of ancient Chinese medicine. -AFP
[06 Oct 2015]
French sportsman Julien Vandelli didn't foresee that he would spend five years reading the abstruse ancient Chinese medical text Huangdi Neijing in a Chinese...
[06 Oct 2015]
Traditional Chinese medicine has won more recognition in Western countries in recent years. China Daily/ANN
[06 Oct 2015]
China's much-hyped market for vitamins and supplements is facing a steep challenge from traditional remedies from ginseng to deer antler. -Reuters
[23 Sep 2015]
The heat and the haze can lead to respiratory problems, try these cooling teas that can douse your body's internal heat. -ST
[15 Sep 2015]
The sex-booster herb Schisandraceae, widely used in traditional Chinese medicine for 2,000 years, has shown promise in treating HIV/AIDS. -China Daily/ANN
[10 Sep 2015]