The move to get traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners to constantly upgrade their knowledge is gaining ground.

It is fuelled by a national scheme...

[02 Sep 2015]
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The TCM Practitioners Board suspended Cheong's registration as a TCM physician and as an acupuncturist from Aug 1. -ST
[13 Aug 2015]
TCM offers food remedies to help treat syndromes that can be traced to the disease. -ST
[12 Aug 2015]
Multiple ulcers often appear at one go, and last for a week or two. -ST
[23 Jul 2015]
Dietitians and doctors debunk some commonly held beliefs about the fruit. -ST
[17 Jul 2015]
Learn about the four kinds of constipation and how certain food remedies can help. -ST
[15 Jul 2015]
It was Pornsak's Father's Day gift - he can now tend to his father's health personally. -TNP
[27 Jun 2015]
Five-leaf gynostemma boosts qi and yin in the lungs and spleen. Joan Chew reports. -MYB, ST
[05 Jun 2015]
Products sold in these shops were found in many forms including whole bear gall bladders, bear bile pills, bile extract and many more. -The Star/ANN
[29 May 2015]
Cancer patients under age 65 are much more likely than older people to explore alternative and complementary medicine for easing their symptoms and side effects of...
[27 May 2015]
Australian police are investigating the boy's death and whether he had stopped taking insulin for his condition. -AsiaOne
[04 May 2015]