KUALA LUMPUR - Roughly half of over 300 Malaysian traditional medicine shops surveyed in 2012 were found selling illegal items made from endangered bears.


[29 May 2015]
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Cancer patients under age 65 are much more likely than older people to explore alternative and complementary medicine for easing their symptoms and side effects of...
[27 May 2015]
Australian police are investigating the boy's death and whether he had stopped taking insulin for his condition. -AsiaOne
[04 May 2015]
Many people find it difficult to adjust back to work and study after a pleasant holiday, Here are some TCM tips to help you beat the post-holiday syndrome. -China...
[04 May 2015]
1 in 10 Singaporeans suffer from IBS, learn how to manage the symptoms of this chronic condition with these 10 TCM tips. -AsiaOne
[13 Apr 2015]
Unlicensed wetcupping practitioner causes skin lesions after therapy
Stomp contributor said that the incisions made were too wide and deep -AsiaOne
[20 Mar 2015]
Herbal help: Heat-clearing rhizome
White cogongrass rhizome is used to help people with yin deficiency. Joan Chew reports. -MYB, ST
[14 Mar 2015]
Lack of yin can cause lupus
Systemic lupus erythematosus, often referred to as lupus, is an autoimmune disease that can affect any part of the body. -MYB, ST
[06 Mar 2015]
Man gets blisters when cupping treatment goes wrong
He wanted to detoxify his body and sought out cupping therapy. But he ended up in much pain and discomfort, and later fell ill as well. -TNP
[19 Oct 2014]
Pregnancy pulse checks will be put to the test
A doctor at Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, has declared publicly that pregnancy cannot be determined by feeling a woman's pulse. - China Daily/ANN
[16 Oct 2014]
How healthy lungs can bring longevity
Dr. Seo Hyo-seok shares his vision of the future of Korean traditional medicine -Korea Herald/ANN
[10 Oct 2014]