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It can either signal dehydration resulting from increased water loss from the body, or reduced saliva production from the salivary glands. -MYB


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Cancer survivor says boxing helped get him back on his feet. -TNP
The child became an online sensation after a video of him dancing on his hospital bed when viral in February. -TNP
The transplant is part of a key trial for a much talked-about artificial heart created by French firm Carmat. -AFP
Cancer patient Chelsea Cindion Dominic, 16, beat cancer and scored six A's and two B's in her SPM exams. -The Star/ANN
Joan Chew meets the couple behind NUH's most challenging kidney transplant last year. -MYB, ST
According to the most recent report by the Singapore Health Promotion Board released last July, there were 10,817 diagnosed cancer cases in 2009, but the figure rose to 12,693 in 2013. -ST
Two personalities share their encounters with cancer as The New Paper marks World Cancer Day, which fell on Wednesday. -TNP
Madam Maureen Lim Gek Lian surprised about an article about her for being the first three open-heart surgery patients. -ST
Being diagnosed with the disease at 32 did not stop prison officer Eddie Tan from completing an Ironman event. -MYB
Marion Nicole Teo writes book to tell how she battled health woes and insecurity. -ST